November 04, 2015

had turkish fish & chips for dinner - home alone...

one of the weird things is that ive never been a big redditor. for the time i spend online and enjoy all kinds of useless things (along the useful things!), its kind of weird ive never really spent much time on Reddit, save the occasional link or story. i took like 3 to 5 minutes today and hung out there and tried to figure out what the problem is...  but i couldnt really put my finger on it. not enough meaningful content somehow? i mean the stuff people say... maybe funny but...  :/ im still perplexed.

in the next year i think ill look to expand my testing arena a bit. from front end/web/UI/localization etc to integration/SOA testing. goal set :)

this tv show starting next year seems maybe semi-promising, although too much supernatural tends to turn me off, so we will see... Preacher 

movies to see:
The World of Kanako asian thriller action brilliance, im hoping it will remind me of Oldboy etc
The Funhouse comedy thriller, seems promising with the circus theme
Sisters cos Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are usually awesome
The Last Witch Hunter not sure, but i admit i enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick a bit, maybe there is something like that here...
Do I Sound Gay? a documentary that is seemingly impossible to find :/ i think it could be interesting, the topic of "sounding gay" is something ive thought about

Irrational Man was also on my list until i realize its a Woody Allen movie. they are usually disappointments and i just dont get them... so ill skip although i like Joaquin Phoenix a lot.

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