November 07, 2015

in case i change my mind...

today i will check Master of None, a promising comedy. when i watched the trailer i was actually surprised how cool it seemed.

my belly bump keeps diminishing as i recover. i would say im at 85-90%, if 100% is complete. although it would still take a couple weeks before i am allowed to lift anything heavy or play basketball, those are not part of my normal curriculum anyway...    yesterday i went for a check up to my doctor, just a quick visit to see how the incision is healing. what i decided now was that it is odd how he keeps bringing up IVF. at my pre-op meeting, it made sense to inform me that after tubal ligation, IVF would be the only option to get pregnant. yeah, sure, whatever, i did add that theoretically adoption is another way to have a child, although age limits may come into play. then he brought it up again later, and i just didnt pay attention but yesterday as i was leaving the office he wanted to remind me that if i change my mind, there is always IVF. umm, yeah, kind of like if you went to get a tattoo and on your way out the artist told you that there is always laser...u know, in case u get tired with the ink...   its not wrong to say that, nor immoral and not exactly unethical either, but its odd. what if i had just gotten pregnant and went for my first ultrasound, would a doctor then tell me "by the way, if you change your mind, there is always abortion...". i doubt it. okay now i sound offended, although i really dont care enough. to be honest i think its a business issue, he is thinking of his income, and thats that.
(i have so badly wanted to share pics of my belly button and the healing process but i know its just too gross by general standards so i have to hold myself back)

my friend Jim gave me this link "The Falconers of the Eastern Pontos". i admit i skipped a chapter here or there, although i read most of it, its well written with interesting details. but my memory and understanding of geography and history are so poor that i dont even try anymore. but i was able to connect with the more current and practical themes and issues.

last night i met Volkan after a long break. he has been traveling and does not live in kadik√∂y anymore so there has been a natural break. it was nice to catch up over a few drinks. tonight im heading out again, this time for dinner with a new friend i recently made, Zuhal. she is an engineer and i find her company intellectually stimulating. 

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