November 21, 2015

fruitful debates behind every corner

i found a nice new page to read news or news related articles from; Vox. yeah i feel im a bit late to the party, but better late than never right?
this was an okay read for example; A leading socialist explains what Bernie Sanders's socialism gets right — and wrong

the other night i discussed with some friends about streaming vs owning. they are my age, but believe in owning, mostly i think to avoid being dependent on one company in between. we also debated a bit over Spotify. i see Spotify existing for at least another 2 to 5 years, despite the new competition, they have a strong share of the market and i believe in the growth of streaming overall. my friends were not as optimistic. but this motivated me to sign in as a Spotify beta tester. i am not always happy with Spotify, they have removed some features that i liked, but overall i have supported them since day one and plan on continuing. paying x money per month for my music listening experience is a fair price, i think.

Officizial Sziget aftermovie 2015 is out :) its nice to remember the festival.

last i was out for dinner with some friends. they wanted to go to this popular wine house and of course no one had thought of a reservation...come on its a friday! i called and they said they're full, but come and see. i was there first and luckily the managers know me so we got a great table which had been reserved for someone else. welcome to turkey?  all in all it was a good, thought provoking evening. although i am sometimes confused with these people, the talk about altered states of mind, the infinite ideas and understanding that an LSD trips can give you ...  it can get a bit much, i dont agree or believe certain views or share some beliefs. certainly not the one about finnish and turkish languages being related. although i think it has not been proven either way, i am with the school of thought that they are not. but with all the stuff discussed, there could be interesting areas in each topic, depends how you look at it. so we can always try and talk, to see if we have some common ground. IF.  anyway another friend of a friend showed up, i was introduced to him, and we got to talking about revolutions and politics. 2 people in the table had been in jail for 2 years during the Ergenekon trials. so they are quite deep into the politics circle and have strong opinions. it reminded me i should read more about Marxism, just to be able to discuss more and have some more references. but i am notoriously bad with abstract ideas and theories. i read and its like water; i pee it out. anyway as for the night and the turkish politics talk, it was very interesting and refreshing overall.

this reminds me, on wednesday i met Hanna and we had a feverish discussion about "profiling" (the kind of that airport may or may not conduct...). not gonna go in detail about that, but i agree with Sam Harris' views on this. i watched the linked talk with Sam Rubin and enjoyed it a lot. i think i probably just like it when someone agrees with me, lol? anyway, this was yet another thought provoking discussion ive recently had with someone.

i dont remember how, but i stumbled upon this book Infinite Jest somewhere, a long time ago. i dont read fiction but somehow...i was persuaded by something. is that vague enough? so today i decided to make good of my free time and open a book. i think i got to page 5 or 10. with some skimming involved. because;
 " ‘Just so, Chuck, and that according to Chuck here Hal has already justified his seed, he’s reached the semifinals as of this morning’s apparently impressive win, and that he’ll be playing out at the Center again tomorrow, against the winner of a quarterfinal game tonight, and so will be playing tomorrow at I believe scheduled for 0830 —’
‘Try to get under way before the godawful heat out there. Though of course a dry heat.’
‘—and has apparently already qualified for this winter’s Continental Indoors, up in Edmonton, Kirk tells me ’ cocking further to look up and left at the varsity coach, whose smile’s teeth are radiant against a violent sunburn — ‘Which is something indeed.’ He smiles, looking at me. ‘Did we get all that right Hal.’ C.T. has crossed his arms casually; their triceps’ flesh is webbed with mottle in the air-conditioned sunlight.
"My silent response to the expectant silence begins to affect the air of the room, the bits of dust and sportcoat-lint stirred around by the AC’s vents dancing jaggedly in the slanted plane of windowlight, the air over the table like the sparkling space just above a fresh-poured seltzer."
i mean what the f.....  is the writer trying to kill me?? sweet jesus. there is no way i will attempt to continue. but for the record, the book has a 4-star rating in Amazon. one of lifes big mysteries for me.

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