November 25, 2015

get over it

its almost the time of the year when turks starts talking about christmas. by which they mean december 30th. honestly, i know i sound like a nazi here, but if you dont celebrate christmas traditionally, dont pretend to, and dont use the term. new years is a thing here anyway, why not just settle for that??

and everyones going nuts over shooting a russian jet... i hitnk its honestly partly just hunger for drama. im not a specialist on world politics but entitled to my opinion, and my opinion is that: this will not cause any serious aftermath and will be forgotten in a week or two. i think turkey and russia are like 2 big boys, needing to assert their dominance and show each other that they are a credible threat. surely these kind of situations have sometimes escalated, when the leaders are...well, we all know. but with NATO behind turkey, i mean, no one wants a hassle. this reminds me of gorillas pounding their chest, proving themselves to be alpha. russia is known to violate other countries air spaces. and what those countries do? give warning, bitch over it in media. and thats all fine, im not suggesting aggression is the right way to go. but we cant pretend surprise when another big player finally says 'enuf'. turks are used to being in war, more less, having people die in combat, shooting the ground or to the air, and at neighbors if necessary. this is front page news but just barely. end of story.

one mess of a pancake (most of them ended up prettier). im not sure if this was my first, second or (gulp!) third time doing pancakes, but it's definitely not a habit. i dont generally cook anything sweet.  its an easy enough recipe and with whipped cream and jam its honestly amazing. but i dont mind taking another 5 yr break from this - i mean its not proper food so, then, why would you do it? like, you still need to eat food too, so this is just extra trouble. but i mean, its really tasty extra trouble. doctor agreed.

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