November 26, 2015

watching Ultimate Fighter Brazil

after hundreds of food deliveries to our door, today the meal was delivered by a WOMAN. huge thing. i was so happy. not sure if there is reason to, but if any job is male dominated it is that one. but it is a rough job, driving around on a motor bike whether sunny or rainy (rainy today), on a minimum salary if even that... i can assume that its not just misogyny from the employers side, they rather keep the women safe in the kitchen, if they should hire any. and an obvious problem i see is that a female delivery person would get harassed by male customers :( but still, i was extremely happy. the taco meal was good too, and its a new restaurant, so i will definitely order again.

The War Nerd: Cleanse Thy Neighbor  an insightful article, delivered to me by my british friend Jim. the writer is a bit emotional and too personal at times, but it does give color to the article while eating its credibility (in my eyes) a tiny bit. i still believe the fundamental idea is correct. an excerpt;
"The Turks have never quite gotten over losing their Empire, and the idea of anybody inching onto the territory they’ve got left sends them over the edge in no time at all."
right on.

a gourmet mini burger place opened on our street (called....Mini Eatery). they only make miniature burgers. tried once, it was tasty. 

30 signs you're dating a unicorn boyfriend omg i have a unicorn! :P only #22 is there and there, cos my unicorn has a very poor memory! the article starts with a stupid stereotype of women looking for 'bad boys' though, which is not true.

i had added a chinese beginners course to my Udemy course list at some point. i decided to check it out today. i didnt plan on actually getting to a point where i can communicate in chinese, i was just curious about the very basics, the tones and stuff. basically i think i was curious what is this "incredible difficult language" they speak of...    the classes seemed better suited for children, lots of jokes and cute stuff, less chinese. i found myself saying "jesus christ" out loud a few times. i should really replace jesus christ with something else though...something less religious. anyhow, i got frustrated with the short and ineffective classes. i learned numbers 1 to 3 and thank you (in slang and proper chinese). and that was like... 10 or 13 lessons. uff. for reference, this is the chinese course. overall, online courses are a pretty wonderful invention. i have enjoyed quite a few, especially when there is a 1.5x speed accelerator.

a woman who wants to look like a cartoon character (eg, Jessica Rabbit). she is well on her way.

today i learned that brazilian portuguese has adopted the english workd knockout and made it their own; 'nocaute' :D
i was also wondering about botched nose jobs, those where the person (often female) wants to get a smaller, narrower nose, and somehow it ends up crazy narrow and the nostrils are visible cos the tip is botched...  i plan to google and learn what exactly goes wrong there, its such a common fuck up. 

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