November 29, 2015

apparently i look younger with short hair. meh.

turkey's perhaps most prominent human rights attorney was shot. some more established gov critical journalist were jailed. another journalist faces up to 5 years in jails for "insulting the president" (he used the word 'dictator' among other things) and the scientific and technological research council is getting some childrens education books destroyed, u know, books that do not meet the criteria of “localness and cultural coherence.” books that, gasp, talk about hanukkah and other holidays celebrated around the world. sooooo, nothing new in this part of the world! lets move on...

*listening to new davie bowie*  (was not really my thing)

The Atlantic: Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal. a nicely long and interesting article worth reading,  although im a bit stuck in not being happy with the title. maybe its just semantics, but i associate the world "normal" somewhat with "natural", and i am a big believer in biology. evolution wise i think it is not natural to not procreate - because all species "have to", in order to survive. however it is entirely OK to opt out, as i have. i just think there is a difference with natural and "ok". of course its ok to opt out of things, its okay to get plastic surgery to look like a cat and its indeed okay to want to live in an unnatural skyscraper eating processed, genetically modified moods while getting radiation from a mobile phone. but natural i think its not. although maybe our species has exactly developed into doing things that are slightly "off"? and thats how we have adapted so well and become what we are? but not continuing the species is hardly a good idea. and to get back to the article, of course i too wish i was seen as more than a potential mother.

being seen as from there i get to what made my day yesterday. the dating app i tested (for localization) a few weeks ago, that went well, the customer was very happy and i am being paid much more than i expected. considering my uTest projects are a bit of a hobby, its great. and this should lea to more interesting projects. but the customer feedback is what really touched me :)

i have this engineer friend working for a big turkish construction company, they have projects all over the world and even more stuff moving from one place to another as they buy materials and transport them to the sites. now they have stuff stuck at the finnish-russian border for example, suddenly "the papers are not okay" and the russian projects have come to a halt. ops. anyway she told me how the embargo on russia and iran are circumvented. for russia, turkey will buy the material from whichever EU country is in question, then sell it to russia, because they can. and for Iran, they send the material on a cargo ship to the Emirates. where its "bought" by the Emirates, and loaded on to another vessel, and then apparently Iran has a port across from the Emirates. handy.

ive been suffering from a stuffy nose and sneezing on and off this week. i think it allergies but cant really pinpoint the cause...  i was doing some major cleaning in our bedroom though, washing everything from curtains to clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe unused... i know that causes dust to rise in the air but its been a couple days now. i think opening windows is useless with dust, too. but i am packing some unused scarves, hats and other clothes, along with rise & flour and there i have another box to send to the refugees in the east of turkey.   in addition me and doctor have been fighting with the insurance company who say they have lost my claim (i sent papers 3 weeks ago to get reimbursed for the doctor's fee in my surgery). well its not really fighting, its more like they say they lost the stuff and are looking into it, promise to call back, never do. my insurance broker is also not replying his email or phone. and we've been at it for 2 weeks now. i know dealing with insurance claims is tough in any country but in turkey its bound to be hell.

i also got my hair shorter again, on the right side. doctor loves loves loves it. im not always sure, like which is better, shorter or longer, but for him there is no question. my barber also introduced me to his dutch gf who recently moved to istanbul to live with him. she seemed cool and we have plans to meet up all 4 together sometime, for dinner and drinks and so.

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