December 06, 2015

happiness is being at home together on a sunday :)

this week kept me busy, i got a pile of new work on wednesday, testing and other stuff. not a bad thing, but i had to wake up at 7 and work a couple of long days, and its confusing to manage 5 different things simultaneously...  havent done that for a while. but it makes me feel useful.

i managed to watch Life Itself in between things though, the documentary about film critic Roger Ebert

in the evenings i also helped doctor with his english studies, he practised for the IELTS exam which was yesterday. and in the evening after his exam we went out to eat at a spanish restaurant here in kadiköy. they have small 2 tables inside, 1 outside (it was 9 degrees last night?! im glad i booked a table inside). and the kitchen is about 2 sq meters...  overall smaller place than our bedroom. and they have no alcohol license, so they serve it "under the table". its good that they make things happen in turkey, sometimes the flexibility can be your savior, or make your life hell. never know. anyway the tapas and pinchos were great, we had a good night.

today is finnish independence day! it inspired me to put christmas decoration on the windows. but other than that its kind of hard to get the independence day mood going. candles and finnish music helps a bit. and i am going to cook meatballs and boil potatoes tonight. and we will watch documentaries and movies and tv series (those will not be finnish, however).

Finlandia hymn!

Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää!
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