December 09, 2015

what did i want again, someone remind me...

i was surprised to hear about the rape and assault charges against James Deen. of course i dont know the person, i'd only read articles, blogs and whatnot.. but i really didnt get that vibe. if u can get that vibe. its just that for some people its easier to believe than others. he was in the 'others' group for me. as the claims and even eyewitnesses pile up, i have to believe there is more or less truth in there, and i am simply very disappointed.

the bar next to our home. i think someone(s) have complained to the authorities about the music being loud, because a few months ago or so, they lowered the volume, but it took me a while to realize. makes me happy, however, if it happens to be a weekend and i want to sleep. also visiting the bar itself is more enjoyable, i like to hear my own voice.

i watched Indie Game - The Movie. its a documentary about indie game developers. very heartfelt and easy to watch. just like the other documentary last week (Life Itself). i think documentaries are my new thing. when they are well done, it doesnt matter what the topic is, i enjoy. although i do avoid depressing 'meh' subjects like climate change etc. with tv shows its tough, so many of the good ones are somehow too nerve wrecking. i just tried to watch Transparent again, the 2nd season just started, but the people are so ...nervous, neurotic, talk on top of each other and constantly bicker or something... im not sure exactly what is it, but it drives me nuts. it makes me anxious. i get uncomfortable. its good quality, but i cant watch that!

i should be happy im young enough to bring my toes right in front of my face. i dont need to put them in my mouth, but i can bring them close enough to inspect their health and look around them. i removed the nailpolish and i thought the big tow nails were slightly discolored on one side. they seemed normal otherwise. but ive concluded that there must be a fungus of sorts :( ive googled it and ive started a game plan. i cut the discolored part off mostly, it was not attached to the nail bed. not a big part. luckily it doesnt seem to go all the way through to the "root". so i think i will be able to tackle this. time will show.

i have been feeling under the weather. also this time of the year i always start feeling like i just wanna pack my bags and disappear to Brazil. doesnt make much sense. but im really thinking about the deep shit, like what and where and why and whats the point and blah blah... when it comes to us moving next year, i feel like we are almost back to the drawing board. but i dont really care for anyones advice or opinions, at this point, either.

a view from the window of a bar on our street.

quieuing in a turkish bank. the insurance company accepted my claim and paid me back most of the doctors fee from my surgery, i picked up the money and closed the account, again. 


the other night doctor came home from work, having worked more hours that day that me (eh, as usual), and cooked this amazing vegan dish out of nowhere. he says he didnt have a recipe, it was just random. makes me think that deep down, he couldve been a chef. but then i think again, and no, not really. but he still cooks some greats foods occasionally. i think he couldve made a great computer engineer or something like that, instead, he has that mathematician in him, and a very solution oriented, practical mindset. he likes algorithms a lot. these features make him a good ER doctor too, but just in case that hadnt happened, i think some sort of engineering work combined with the love for computers couldve worked. 

a kitty sleeping outside a vegetarian restaurant. they have a kind of seating outside, in front of the kitchen. we should go to this restaurant sometime...

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