December 13, 2015

working weekend

tonight is Hanna's birthday party and i think there will be swedish mulled wine (glögg!!) too...:P i have some testing work to do during the day, doctor is sleeping post night shift and i just need to get ready after 5 so we can get going (Hanna lives on european side).

finally i got around to watching Do I Sound Gay? (ok to be honest it took me a while to "locate" it. then i watched The Source Family. weiiiiird hippie stuff. but interesting. and then The Queen of Versailles.which doesn't look too promising, but it was praised so i gave it a try and it was a pleasant 1.5 hours.

stuff i have read or watched out of interest:
Eckhart Tolle on Facebook and Social media (short youtube video).  so, those photos of ourselves on FB, he says, are a digital version of what humans have always done, representing themselves to others and mistaking that for who they really are. hmm, okay, there is some of that i sure, but don't they all mix together? the way we represent ourselves is part of what we are. because we all do slightly different things. i also think it's a self expression thing, either trying to tell everyone who you are, or, again, maybe misrepresenting ourself somehow, wanting to asuure yourself and others that you are a certain way. see, i have a french flag on my profile photo, because these are my values and i belong to the group who cares about these things. i am close(r) to france. and here i am in a bar with my friends, cos i am a social person, this is what i drink and this is who i hang out with, and you should know that too.  i just find this very human, and not necessarily, automatically harmful. we can get lost in the images we create, but i just don't see these social media profiles as inherently bad. back to the first sentence, its something humans have always done, one way or another. well, the video was short, so i cant read too much into maybe, but it seems like me and Eckhart both agree and disagree on some things :)
Different negotiation types around the world.
"Hoaxers" believe mass shooting to be gov conspiracies

i got this new testing project, its a tablet application, sort of a log book for use in aviation. its in the beginning stages so setting the environemtn up etc for testing was a hassle, but once i finally got it, i was excited. last night i got so into my testing mindset that i almost forgot dinner. when i am really hard in work mode, i dont care about anything else.  

rules: no caffein after 4-5pm
what i do to relax: watch television shows while playing 1010!. i find it almost meditative.

good things:
a pizza place my friends have raved about for months finally started delivery service, and they are also on yemeksepeti. so, among the 80 or 100 options, i now have Pinsa too.  important note: they have one pizza with pork bacon!! and its not insanely expensive!
questions: why dont i yet have a solution to watch tv while in the shower? although, showering is very relaxing and almost meditative. but like right now, id love a shower, but i also would like to keep watching this documentary...  why do i have to choose?!

songs i like right now (spoty links)
Wet: Don't wanna be your girl 
Kan Wakan: Why don't you save me
Moxi: Save me
Banks: Waiting game (a long time favorite in fact) 

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