December 16, 2015

preparing mulled wine

documentaries! ive been on a roll!
Dior and I yay
Stories We Tell yay
Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop interesting enough, has you question things.
The Thin Blue Line this got boring, unfortunately, and was hard to follow, so i gave up halfway through and read the summary online...

found nice soaps! not tested on animals :)
Prospect Magazine: Identity and Migration

Fedor Emilianenko interview where he talks UFC, Rogan, Rousey etc. hard to find proper interviews with Fedor, this was good. but sad to learn that he does not support womens MMA. and the reasoning was as one can imagine... misogynistic.

a cat house in Cihangir. municipality is responsible for setting this one up.

Childhood's End is a new series i checked out. a kind of scifi, human kind needs saving once again...   i see where its going, but im still thinking like "wow, lol, wtf". i cant believe it could be so simple (in a negative way), OR how it could get very interesting... i do look forward to the next episode. but it seems like something based on a bad scifi novel (too many illogicalities, although i understand for tv and especially american audience you may have to dumb things down). ive had too many disappointments lately, i hope this isnt one of them.

and what did they mailm...lady bring me! licorice from finland. from a partner company (of my employers). nom nom.

its one of "those days". doctor has been working every day for over a week now. today he was supposed to have a day off and we were really waiting for it. then last night they tell him to come to some department meeting at 9am today. so he goes and then they delay the meeting meeting by a few hours...  its nothing new, these things happen every month, 1 or more of the 3-4 days off he has are ruined by classes, courses, meetings... stuff that you certainly dont get paid for, but have to attend anyway. trying to make lemonade of these lemons is not happening. cos theyre not lemons,  its a pile of s***.

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