December 20, 2015

depressing details

deathandtaxesmag: Tina Fey's disappointing feminist hypocrisy. i am not so interested in Tina Fey although the name is familiar, the story itself is what sounds familiar. women calling each others sluts or whores is just... :( :( 

New York Times: South Africas Pistorius Problem

on friday i solved a major computer issue. im proud of myself. it reminded me that my computer is like 80-90 in human years, and could drop dead at any moment. not a nice i proceeded to making back ups of everything...

my new fav song is  Amber Run: I found (spoty link)

lately i heard so many horror stories about turkish work culture and other miseries, its depressing. corruption, ignorance, negligence...     earlier this week, a gay friend of ours called and shared that someone had called him and is blackmailing him. the blackmailer has  nude photos of him and wants money in order not to reveal them to the world (via internet and other means). and going to the police? you have to be very brave to do that, they might treat you just as bad - u never know. its a brutal reminder of how hard it is to be gay in turkey.

another friend i talked to last night told us about a job he had about a year ago. it was at a small factory. they agreed to 10-6pm working hours, but somehow it ended up being more less 12h days, every day, and no lunch break - he had to eat while working (which was not always fully possible). then after a few weeks of being super tired and hungry, his partner pushed him to "be brave" and take a lunch break. so next day at 12:30 or so he went out for lunch and the manager was like "wtf??!". when he returned, he was fired.

"insensitive Hitler banter"

so today i watched Sleeping with Other People. it was not a great movie but i didnt expect too much, either. however, it was a reminder of the liberal culture and atmosphere where i used to live. little by little your surrounding changes you. for sure, i still hold the same principles as before, but ive noticed that i feel different. i still go out in miniskirts in the summer, but every year it gets kind of harder, i get more and more conscious about it... there is that tiny worry over how much skin im showing if my legs arent crossed when i sit. while the reasonable me still firmly believes that its not my problem, its the voyeurs problem, i have that heavy cloud of almost shame. i noticed this a couple years ago already. and i think it just gets worse. so its really time to leave. as much as ive loved turkey, i dont want to become a woman who is ashamed and feels the burden of looking honorable, who cannot talk about certain things...  :/

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