December 23, 2015


preparing mulled wine, one jar for ginger and orange peels in vodka, another for the more traditional cinnamon and clove. 

our "christmas tree" this year. somewhat more abstract. i guess the formality of our christmas trees is fading alongside with the notion of christmas altogether. we stopped giving each other gifts a few years ago. this year we are not even bothering to get pork (expensive and far away)...  but possibly or probably our next christmas will take place in a country where christmas is 'properly commercialized' and western christmas foods available! 

stuff i read ([red]!): How do you pronounce "read" in 'read receipts'?
Guardian: How Reddit's Ellen Pao survived the trolling attacks Do children have a right to be loved? although short, and didnt lead anywhere, imho. the comments under this piece are more interesting than the writing itself.

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