January 18, 2016

Netflix...not impressed...

my souvenirs from Puerto Rico included gifts to doctor and a ton of itchy mosquito bites for myself. i am not sure what happened, the mosquitoes there were not bothering me too much during the trip, the bites didnt leave visible bumps or anything.... then on our way back, on the plane, this crazy itch starts. and suddenly i was full of red bumps and welts in my extremities. it was horrendous and i took some pretty strong antihistamine to calm things down. when i got home friday night and tried to sleep, it returned. since then its been on and off, bugging me. just this morning i applied antihistamine cream. a pretty strong reaction :(  my immune system is like homeland security, attacking everyone and everything overzealously...

"souvenirs" from the grocery store... hot sauce, coffee, stevia sweetener, ramen pork noodles, bean soup mix and some kind of spice mix.

i ran into Smirnoff vodka Fluffed Marshmallow, and couldnt resist. i also got a gin and of course rum (7,70usd/24tl). 
i also got other small stuff like Crest toothpaste and scented candles... i am especially loving the apple pie candle which im now burning every day :)

Carina, Carilyn and Hanna getting ready to hit the beach.

beach time...   while the swedish girls faced their chairs towards the sun, me and Carilyn turned the other way under a shade, desperately trying to avoid a tan. although of course we got tanned. but its always worth trying to minimize the "damage"?

so while i was away Netflix expanded to Turkey. i know the selection is limited compared to US, and even there it would probably cover only 20-30% of the stuff i want to see, but it was on my wishlist this year to pay for some subscription services, so i will give it a go, doctor agreed its a good idea. i just signed up for the free trial month and will keep track of what we watch.
i started by searching for the titles on my "catch up" list, shows i missed while on holiday;
Top Chef
The Voice UK
Shades of Blue
Man Seeking Woman
Married at First Sight
Face Off
The Undateables
The Bachelor
Shark Tank
The Big Bang Theory
Code Black
Law & Order: SVU

the result was a zero.
i have a few more things on my list but safe to say they are not on Netflix either. sooooooo what was i supposed to do with this streaming service again? i believe i will find a few movies or documentaries, but tv series wise its pretty bleak. Narcos and the other series they have are not bad, but ive already checked them out and most of them are not for me or i grew tired of them (eg. Elementary).

when i came home from my holiday i had mail waiting for me. my aunt and gradmom had sent me a christmas card and a gift; classic finnish butter knife. it arrived just a few weeks late :D  i should be just grateful it arrived at all.


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