January 24, 2016

did it really snow or was i imagining?

sundayyyyyyyy. doctor is also home, not only straight after a night shift or ready for one, but the whole day. how nice is that?! yesterday morning he was home too, and made us breakfast, so today was my turn. i just went ahead and ordered one from yemeksepeti. my excuse is that we had kind of ran out of things to eat, like eggs and veggies.

it was actually a bit much, we couldnt finish it all.

we are looking at a few more cold days and then February should save us with 10 degree days. last night it was briefly -1C and it snowed -> consequently the snow did not melt instantly. this morning everything looks "normal" again of course so its hard to believe;

new series Her Story looks interesting. i will check and i hope it wont disappoint.

Feministing: What i would have said to you last night had you not cum and then fallen asleep
the writer has a point here, nothing brand new, but nevertheless. also the text is too long, too rant-y, too condescending and aggressive towards the much hated "cis hetero male"...  and she clearly should pick her guys better. i can understand that its hard with one night stands, but it would be a lie to claim that she can ensure an orgasm by picking a woman. its just more likely. so yeah, all the aggression aside, she has a point, and should stick to women only.

me and doctor applied for his visa to UK for our May trip. i say we because in order to avoid the tourist visa fee we applied for the EEA family permit, him as my spouse, but it required a lot more info, everything from if i have children to my job status and salary... i would say the application form is pretty invasive, considering that by law i don't need to give all that info. anyway, we have flights booked and will stay in London for 8 days :) it should be good for scouting the city and getting a feel of things. we need to submit "supporting documents" to a visa center next week, those being at least marriage certificate and a copy of my passport, and i am still looking into whether i should provide other papers (which, again, are not legally required but they request anyway, payslips and bank balances...)

Man Seeking Woman's 2nd season started. it really is so hilarious in the same vein as Master of None, but more 'out there' with surreal things. i usually prefer realism, but they pull it off.

on the reading track:
Independent: British people are proud of colonialism (actually, this is not news is it, i kinda guessed...)
Aeon: Does life need a purpose?
Kalkan: Turkish national health insurance just went up by 37% (should i even comment? this is Turkey after all...private insurances are cheaper anyway)

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