January 26, 2016

i should seriously switch from z's to s's :/

today, when it was windy and sleet was ruining the rest of it, i absolutely had to travel to the european side and go pick up my kitty cat calendar!!!  not being able to find a cat themed wall calendar around kadiköy id asked my friends if they could keep their eyes open and voilá. but then i went on a holiday and so forth. i rarely go to the european side. but im desperate without a calendar. i have been in serious trouble, scribbling dates and times on the corner of notebooks... nothing could keep me from going today! and here is my calendar:  

Melisa's documentary is showing at a finnish documentary festival this week and im cheering for it. next month itll be in istanbul. last year it was in Germany. its making rounds...  yay to that.

movies and docs i must see:
The Lure (youtube introduction to film by director)
Call Me Marianna
Swiss Army Man (a review of the film by Slashfilm)
Certain Women

i ended up reading about golf caddies today. lollolllloll. thats all.

ive really enjoyed the show The Undateables. its really warmhearted and easy to watch. its about people with some sort of disabilities, physical or mental, trying to find love (or, at least a date). there have been many charming characters, and i would date someone with tourettes any day. also i find many of the autistic people almost normal and with my sense of humur exactly. ive always suspected that im like 5% autistic :) what i find hilarious is that the series is like family friendly and generally rated PG, but the episodes with a tourettes guy (swearing, of course) are tagged with warnings about strong language :D

the new season of The Bachelor's "bold &  beautiful" are also amusing me. especially Jubilee. for real though, she actually seems half genuine and with a real personality.

doctor is busy putting together his thesis and collecting the zillion papers for his doctor's license equivalency application. or whatever the british medical board calls it. and thats on top of 200 hours of work. so, pediatrics is 20-30 hours less work a month, ive estimated. but then in addition he has some senior responsibilities from the ER, liking putting together the shift list for each month, oh and attending a movie screening that a pharmaceutical company is kindly offering the doctors (...)....?!

im kept busy only by my mind. work is good, the usual. but my head is so far in the future, its a challenge to try focus on the present. i am helping doctor with some things though, like, i am demanding tasks from him. there are some excel things with the thesis (collecting, counting and crunching numbers) and generally just trying to keep organised and to have a focus. its not fair that he has so many things to do right now, and i have so much extra time. yet, he finds the time to cook at least once a week. just 2 days ao, he made some pretty nice fish risotto. and enough of it for me to still have it for dinner tonight! so i guess im lucky and pretty happy with life, but my big downfall is that from all my stress and worry and excitement i find it hard to focus on the present.

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