January 05, 2016

packing the bikini

so tomorrow i head to Puerto Rico with friends. it will be a 'girls just wanna have fun' beach holiday. okay not as wild as it sounds. we will just take it easy. i will make myself pina coladas perhaps. 

i feel bad about doctor staying behind and working his ass off. of course that goes for all of our partners, but doctor works especially long hours so it just seems unfair that he is not allowed a holiday. i guess everything is relative, if i wasnt going anywhere it would be even. but he did request to have a part of his summer holiday earlier, in may. we are going to visit London then...to get to know it better, see different parts of the city etc.  :)

list of things that i want in 2016 (and which i think are fairly realistic to get as well)
  • have a strong, fast wifi all 365 days of the year
  • enjoy all the positives of turkish people and culture
  • ...then move the f*ck out
  • a Netflix or HBO or similar TV subscription
  • order a physical book from amazon.co.uk
  • work together with doctor towards our future together
  • learn to stress a little bit less (this might win the Most Unlikely award of the list)
  • stay healthy
  • eat more nachos
  • drink non-turkish wines
  • drink pina coladas
  • drink ginger tea
  • floss more often
  • exercise somehow, regularly
  • free range, organic meat
  • new friends

a case about veganism/meat farming in The Guardian.

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