January 01, 2016

a year of nachos, i hope?

i made a decorative lighting element...

2016 has started off fucking freezing, lets just be clear about that. its so bloody cold i can hardly focus on anything else. our livingroom is barely 20 degrees, while the outside temperature has dropped to -3c. i know this is probably the coldest it ever gets this winter, so for one night, i should be able to push through but jesus h christ...  we even turned up the heating as a temporary measure (too expensive to keep high for long periods, learned the hard way).

pretty surreal view in istanbul. but it does happen usually once every winter. now its gone of course, the streets are slushy/icy. 

shopkeepers trying to keep the front clear from snow.

i set a space heater on a chair right in front of me, to melt my "icicle" fingers.

doctor found the cause of the burning smell too. it was this "quality" divider we had behind the couch. i had looked at it too, but since everything seemed normal, i didnt think this was the issue. but looking at it from above, you could see a light inside (some kind of spark?), and when we pulled the plug off, the prongs were so hot i almost burned myself when accidently brushing them with hand. the plastic by the prongs had started slightly melting. maybe it would have eventually just blown a fuse, but of course my nightmare is a full blown fire. im glad the culprit was identified.

anyway we slept the day, after our 'film festival'. doctor did much better than i anticipated, so i guess i have to eat my words...  he fell asleep during the 10th movie. after the film i woke him up and we both decided to go to bed, i didnt have that much interest in finish the remaining movies on my own. some really nice films though, most of them. we had a good time.

jenni's quick reviews:
the grand budapest hotel a standard wes anderson movie.he seems to be specialized in these light, adventurous stories with a million characters. definitely good stuff, but not my favorite style of movie.
a pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence i was expecting a thoughtful, scandinavian style drama, not too straightforward but still. this WTF film bored the hell out of me. never again.
nightcrawler really good, although i got a bit anxious at times. i would give it a 7 or 8/10. jake gyllenhaal is a great actor no doubt.
Me & Earl and the Dying Girl i think the target audience for this one is a bit younger than me. the movie was okay, but fell for some typical teenagery soppy stuff.
Disconnect  good one, just...standard good drama. i am not sure if it really commented on our lives connected by the internet or if that was just something tying the stories together. either way, ok stuff.
office space  one of the good american comedies imho. although there is a slut shaming episode which was a bit hard to forgive.
 The Revenant i was concerned that the 155min film would bore me to death, but actually it kept me interested all the way. doctor said there wasnt much of a plot, but that makes it all the more impressive. it showed so much with so little. not the best movie ever, and it has some illogicalities and cheesy details, but perhaps the best out of these 10!
Forever this one has horrible ratings online, and i can kind of see why, it comes with faults. however it was very watchable, light drama sort of. in other words, not horrible. the main characters are okay to watch.
22 jump street  one of those definitely meaningless but well done "standard" comedies, gay jokes, fat jokes and the like. but i really liked it! maybe i was too tired but i found myself laughing , a LOT.
the lobster odd drama situated in near, dystopian future. i think it was trying to make comparisons to today's world and relationships or love, but even if i didnt get that, i enjoyed the film. could have been shorter. but yeah, odd in a good way with that philosophical edge :)

the night before new years. home made nachos. still expensive as hell (70tl = 22 eur, that's 11 euros per person), but it was a huge portion. and there were a bit of leftover tortilla chips and the can of jalopenos is almost full...  i think by using only half a bag of the chips and replacing the expensive cheddar with some other cheese we could bring down the price significantly. cheddar could prove hard to replace though, so maybe instead we should make a vegetarian version to save on meat? i dunno. but i want more nachos and i dont want t break the bank for it.    

in turkey. minimum salary for workers is being raised by 30%, says government. some taxes also went up on jan 1st. Mobile phone sales tax went up by 30% and the fixed tax rate for two liters of raki has been increased by 23tl to 130.68tl. also, electricity price is being upped by 6.8%. 

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