December 31, 2015

wrapping up the good year with movies

another great Aeon article: Can secular people benefit from a prayer? i was suspicious but the essay was fun and interesting and led me to think of many other things. i could creata myself a bunny god that i could pray to every day... my bunny god would be jolly, understanding and holding its paws up like the hindu goddess....  it would be genderless and remind me of the importance of being true to myself. but to be honest i dont want any kind of a god, im quite content with us roaming on the planet, without a soul, like the animals we are. but this idea of a prayer that works like a per talk, sounds interesting nevertheless. also, as the writer Heather Havrilesky points out, if you create a god to pray to, you are the creator of that god and therefor, essentially praying to yourself. so why not skip the outer god figure thing and just pray to my inner bunny? im fine with being my own god, since there cannot be outside gods. i think the wisdom and direction and i need is in me already. well, right now this makes sense to me. im not sure ill start praying anytime soon but this is an idea worth keeping around.

i wore this look on christmas days, although the photo is ...what it is. but it kinda shows my red knee length knit socks. i also wore red earrings and a red ring, duh.

we started our New Years movie festival and will be watching Office Space  around midnight i believe. perfect. pizza, popcorn...and we have a bottle of sparkling if the fridge. 

there has been a weird burning smell in s part of our livingroom for a week now. but like... plastic burn, very different from candles. but I can't find the source. feels like we just have to wait, but it doesn't feel safe.

last night it started snowing properly. it's supposed to last a few days too. it melts a bit in between then it snows more. needless to say Istanbul is screwed in snow :D

2015 was pretty good I think. I too rarely appreciate the good things although I know I'm lucky and I have a good life. that's the first world irony? but I look forward to more good things next year.

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