December 26, 2015

xmas came and passed

i was surprised to find myself listening to Spotify's jazzy christmas playlist on christmas eve. i dont really feel close to jazz, but it was easy enough to listen to, certainly not annoying.

me and doctor are planning a movie festival at home for new years eve. a 24h  program with probably 13 films. i know from experience thats a tall order, and its been "a few" years since i engaged in this type of stuff, im a bit concerned about staying awake that long anymore. its not really the time though, anyone can stay up for 24h, its when you sit and watch movies. but maybe i still have that super power in me, we will see. im predicting doctor to fall asleep during the 3rd one, latest.but he has deserved his sleep.

the program is still under work, but this is a rough sketch. im proud of the timer i built
(in google docs, the function is =TIME(A1,B1,C1) )
i think the challenge we had was picking light enough material towards the end. because i know you should watch the heavy, slow dramas first, after a while its not really doable... so then we googled some empty popcorn films to fill the program. really interesting stuff that didnt make it, and we will watch another time;
Third Person (romantic drama with interlocking stories)
Hot Girls Wanted (doc about young women pulled to sex trade)
Noah Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause (self explanatory)
Carancho (crime drama from Argentina)

ive been readind film reviews and whatnot from AV Club lately. i dont know how new or old this site is, it just kind of popped out of nowhere, it seems. but immediately i noticed that the writers have a feminist & LGBT voice also covered, so its like good cultural journalism 2.0...or something. like this piece, which happens to be about feminist criticism.

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