March 06, 2016

paperwork week ends is sushi

so our finnish friends left on wednesday. i admit i was a bit tired afterwards, although it was great to have them. the visa stress added to drinking almost every night and all that...  however i must say that going around bars and restaurants and joining their "amazement" of everything lifted my spirits too, it reminded me of why i love this city...

the rest of the week i focused on the urgent matter of our family permit refusal. we need to gather evidence to prove the relationship is real...  some should be easy, like proof of address and dozens of photos together. but in the refusal it was stated that they were not exactly happy about the marriage certificate we provided, and i believe there was a mistake regarding that, but nevertheless i emailed austrian registry office to ask for another one. they were quick to give me bank details, and i paid and hopefully it will arrive in mail next week. i also called Turkish Airlines to ask for proof of tickets from 6 years ago... but they don't have records that old in the customer service. they suggested i go to a local sales office, or the airport to inquire. you wouldnt think one bloody flight ticket is so important, but reading people's experiences online, it's painfully obvious that every little detail matters. then i called the finnish registry office and asked for a print out that shows my marriage to doctor is registered there, too. and i continued collecting photos of us on a Word-file, with captions. and i asked some friends if they happen to have photos of us together, and i got a few.on friday we took a few documents to a certified translator, and visited the population office to get proof of our addresses. on tuesday i went to the finnish consulate to get a certified copy of my passport, that was a 3,5 hour trip cos i waited for the honorary consul to arrive and get his signature. nice guy, this Jeff Hakko, btw. im so glad we always registered our address duly! turks are a bit lazy with that but i insisted we do it. also i went to Garanti bank to get some proof that i have been a customer, which would also show my address. and we called in turns to Vodafone customer service to get call logs but it seems a bit messy. they have an online service but it didn't really work. and these are just half of the things :D it may seem like an overkill, but i certainly dont want this to happen again!

doctor and i watched Diary of a Teenage Girl. i was maybe unable to focus 100% cos i was so tired but it was a good one, especially the lead actress.

on friday i filled the EEA family permit application online again, and booked an appointment for friday next week, we believe we should have our papers together by then. if not we can cancel and book another time. im still wondering if we should bother to appeal for the first refusal, as that is technically the correct route, but will cost more time and money, plus takes forever (min 8-12 month handling times atm, called the First Tribunal and asked). its more like a matter of principle? and principles matter,

im reading the immi forums a lot, too. people are refused visas here and there. you think that when you are genuine and honest (and an EU citizen...), you will have no probs, but get together with a non EU-citizen and think again...   in this sense turkey is quite welcoming :D

i met Hanna too this week. talked with her about the ethics of having a pet. i have recently started to question it. im not sure to be honest, im just letting the thoughts brew. if i take a dog or a bunny, then i neuter it, because it's for its own good as well as mine, since i wont let it breed. but if the animal could have its choice, it would breed. who am i to choose for them, and impose surgery on them?...    Hanna recommended me a miniseries called Five Days. it seems interesting, about a mom who goes missing leaving her kids in the car...

we are having a sushi get together with a few friends today. yesterday i went out for some general grocery shopping, as well as sushi paper (nori). the nori package was big and 45tl (15eur). the groceries were 41tl (14eur);
-2x 0,5 liter milk
-2x big cans of tuna
-2x cans of red kidney beans
-5 aubergines
-3 onions
-2 red peppers
-5 green peppers
-10 pack of free range eggs
(+ probably something else...)
just goes to show how import stuff is really in its own price class here. but i WANT sushi.

Propublica: The most important abortion case you never heard about

my new fav song (one of Spotify's many great sugestions for me);
Wildbirds and Peacedrums: Peeling Off The Layers (spotify)

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