February 29, 2016

tumbling a bit

last thursday i was a bit beaten. first i was behind on work in the morning - which causes me stress. then the electricity went out, it was a planned 2h cut that i was not aware of. so i got further stressed. then doctor returned from work and went to pick his passport from UK visa office and we learned that his application for family permit was refused (a few reasons were given but mainly they were not convinced that we are in a real relationship). first i got really angry but somehow as the day went on, it turned into devastation. doctor had gone sleep and i was alone, trying to focus on work - which is hard for me when i get emotionally so wrapped up. and then, during the day, i was harassed by 3 separate men; possibly a record if FB messages and such don't count. i blocked 1 caller, then received messages from 2 men, the other possibly a wrong number but the other a food delivery guy who got my number from an online order ive made. it was just disgusting. usually i brush those off like nothing but somehow things had been adding up, i dunno...

when doctor woke up, he comforted me and said hed take charge of running our family unit for a while, while i take a back seat. not sure its easy for me though, as today i feel better again.a couple glasses of wine and good sleep do miracles. and we watched a bit of tv, too. This show i just found, Vera, is teaching english even to me, ive encountered several new words, or words with a meaning i was previously unware of. not to mention the accent which gets pretty thick sometimes. i enjoy both the show and the occasional language 'challenge'.

then on friday my friend (muuli) and his gf are flew over, they are staying with us for a few days. a somewhat impulsive visit to istanbul. taking them around the city has inspired me about istanbul too, again. it is such a wonderful place in many ways.

a week ago on saturday me and some friends went to see Melisa's documentary which was screened at the !F festival. i had seen it last fall and really enjoyed it, and i dont usually want to see anything again, but i decided to join my friends...  also she her father did a Q&A after the screening, so it was kind of an even after which we went to Hanna's for some glögg and hanging out. hmm, just remembered, that evening i also gave a tour of Kadiköy to a Finnish guy whom i met through couchsurfing. it was random but its obvious i like to show around my wonderful district.


roland deschain of gilead said...

people in our situation are forced to prove they married each other "for the right reasons". this is a very disheartening process.

It may end up useful to get help from an agency.

For many years, when i went to bulgaria, i got a visa on my own. i knew the procedures and documents much better then the agencies did.
but in the end when i had to work with an agency due to strictness of time, they ended up getting me a 2 year multiple visa that i didn't even apply for. when i asked how, they said "we know people, this is our job".

jenni said...

thanks for the insight, we will think about the options...

Anonymous said...

take a look here it can help http://www.immigrationboards.com/
since torries got elected dumbasses in home office got super edgy give them a good amount of proof for your application they can't just simply keep refusing it
good luck

jenni said...

thanks Emre, all the support is welcome now :D i am familiar with that forum - useful indeed :)