February 24, 2016

logbook for wednesday Feb 24th ´16

normal wednesday. started the morning by messaging with a turkish guy who wrote me a few days ago via a 2nd hand book group. right away his inquiries turned to me rather than the book; immigration to finland, would i like to have coffee in starbucks...  i was actually kind of rude and ignored most of it but after all this, 2 phone calls and him asking my age i told him he should forget about the book and bye bye. not that he was ever after the book obviously....im sometimes too patient with these idiots. its sad how common these instances are for a foreign woman living in turkey...they become part of your everyday routine; ignoring fb friend requests, messages and winks on InterNations.org or any social media site you are on.
wednesday is my busiest work day usually, so i start in the morning and just have breaks here and there to keep my brain from freezing. kind of on/off...  spending 8 hours to do 4 or 5 hours of work. today in between i'll clean up the flat a bit, we have Airbnb guests coming in the evening.

10:05 i applied coconut oil on my knee, where the skin is rough because i always hold my other leg over it...  the weird thing is, i read this tip on the internet, and since i have a jar of coconut oil on my desk, i thought i'd give it a try and seems to be working! im surprised. 
10:15 googled the spoilers for last nights episode of Married at First Sight , since i dont have time to watch the episode today.
10:35 turned Fb chat off for a friend who has for the past 1-2 years only contacted me when he needs something. of course that doesnt prevent messaging, but i dont want it to pop up in my face and i dont need to see his name...
11:00 whatsapped with a friend whom i met last night. he is doing all this cool DIY furniture and decor stuff from wood, metal etc. really cool stuff. he sent me photos of those, plus the things he found at the beach near Lesbos island, where he was visiting family. items thrown overboard or that belonged to people who drowned...

 thats an inflatable boat, which refugees use to try get to greece. so drowning looks likely. 

ok lost the track of time, but around...
12:00 i replied to a turkish guy on Couchsurfing who messaged me and was looking to make friends. right... i told him my husband would like to make new friends so i could give his contact details...
14:15 i worked a bit on a uTest testing case, involved removing and reinstalling a mobile app to find out if there was a bug in the notification function of the app
14:20 i tried to find out what happened in that trial over my robbed phone, couldn't find info online where it was supposed to be. doctor had to call the courthouse. the suspect(s) have an arrest warrant on them now. the next trial hearing is in april. i dont think ill see the end of this story. which is fine.
15:00 i realized i MUST have  sushi. like, MUST. i went out to buy nori paper, salmon and avocado. the import delicatessen shop didnt have nori :( well nigiris are ok too, right? and less work. i also got soda and something to clean drains that are stuck.

buying salmon
15:30 cleaned the kitchen to make space for cooking, and bathroom, since the guests are coming.
16:30 i had sushi materials ready. i realized making nigiris is just waste of time, i could just pile the ingredients on a ladle and eat....worked out great. i did this while messaging with a singaporean or malaysian acquaintance of mine, she used to follow my work on deviantart and contacted me last year as she was visiting istanbul. she has some relationships issues with her turkish partner and we just had a good chat.

16:45 the book guy from this morning called. i had blocked him in whatsapp and gotten him banned from the 2nd hand book group for the semi-harassment... he said he is coming for the book and i told him, as i did in the morning, that he should not come and i dont want to talk to him again. back and forth one minute...
17:45 a TV channel creative from UK emailed me if i mind them doing a photo/design based on a photo of mine. they originally wanted to buy rights to use it, but it happened to be one of my oldest photos, back when the largest pixel size was like 1500x1200...so it was not big enough. i dont think they needed to ask about doing their version of it, but i really like that they did.
18:00 the door buzzer rang. I let the person in, assuming it might be the Airbnb guests. but no, it was the book guy!! now this was creepy. I just  said no and slammed the door. then i did the Turkish thing and gave his phone number to my turkish husband. who will take care of it.  

after 6 i zoned off and did "nothing", facebooking, watching TV (great british TV show called Vera), welcoming the guests... even talked to doctor for 5 minutes on the phone, poor guy is busy at work.

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