February 23, 2016

making garlic-y cauliflower & carrot mash tonight

movies to see!
in the shadow of women (imdb)
knight of cups (imdb)
hello, my name is doris (imdb)
10 cloverfield lane (imdb)

Vanity Fair reviews Playboy's first nudity free issue. the world has changed plenty... i remember when Stephanie Seymour was on the cover and had like 3 or 4 spreads of photos...  shot by Sante D'Orazio. those were the times...

Can we condition our bodies to treat themselves. i dont think its quite that straightforward, but with the immune system, i think there is a lot to learn and certainly this could be possible in some cases.

What's so great about monogamy? i think the title is a bit rough, but i read this a couple weeks ago and it had some thoughts and points that i found interesting at least. maybe its not new but the notion that "love is a decision", yeah, i can see that. 

possible push polling in H. Clinton's campaign

our accommodation in London in may is set now.  we will combine a few nights of both airbnb and a friends guest room - its been forever since i met Avner & Elmor. now i am looking forward to going as everything is kind of set. so its time to start planning what to do. doctor may need to visit somewhere for his license paperwork, but other than that we should go out and see the districts and get a feel of everything. and do that on a budget! which im ood at, but of course its boring in a lively, pricey city like London. well u cant have everything in life. im thinking long term. and maybe i shouldnt, u never know when cancer or a car will knock you off - so much for all the planning, lol.

lighting a candle for myself: today i set up some automated tests for a client and was happy with myself.

i read that an anti-feminist conservative was banned from Twitter and that got people up in arms. of course only Twitter knows the exact reason the guy was banned, perhaps he sent death threats in private messages, from the outside its always so easy to assume (i AM thinking back to my days as PolicyViolation Admin in deviantART...). but if indeed he was "just" slandering feminists such as myself, spreading hate and misinformation and whatnot, then i really dont agree with the banning. i would prefer to stretch freedom of speech as far as possible without actually causing harm (ie. spreading someones nudes and address as revenge). 

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