February 18, 2016

Zoolander 2 was meh

wine & cheese evening last week seems so far now, but it was a success. i think we were 7 people, out of which 3 were jenn*'s. a jenni, a jenny and a jenney. in spoken language they all sounds the same so its more fun.

jenny's photo;
my tights have a run :( that was the end of them.

wine & cheese:


Sunday, friends invited us for homemade lasagne and tiramisu. both were heavenly.

i am editing doctors CV to match the requirements of the specialist registry application process. every 28+ day gap in work history needs to be explained...great...  not that there should SO many of them, but i mean, wow, this is detailed?! and thats a stupid complaint as this the easy part of the whole process, takes maybe 1h tops...  ive been calling law firms about assistance in the process too, there are many that have services for this specific application, as well as the other routes, which we should consider (namely; PLAB exams, EC rights). mostly the paperwork is about providing papers about work experience, lists of hundreds of procedures done over the years - with details and stamps of course - patient lists to show variety of cases treated, working hours, teaching hours, feedback from patients, feedback from colleagues, email correspondence about cases with colleagues, meeting minutes of when patients are discussed, proof of managerial positions in patient care...  not to mention curriculums and assessments on 'everything'. we are talking about minimum. 1000 papers. probably closer to 2000. then comes the translation part which will cost a month's salary or so. our salary, not the minimum salary :[
the specialist registration application instructions are here, fun for a wtf moment.

when i quickly browsed at a few Zoolander 2 reviews (after watching it), i found that they would give plus points for the "fashion queen"  and "the evil fashion madman" characters. i think its just cos they had such a different make up on and  were barely recognizable, thats what it sounded like. i dont care if it was Kristen Wiig, the character was not interesting. cos a strong accent and plastic surgeried face, really?? haa haa... not. and the other? oh whatever. the movie was not all bad, but of course the expectations were really high...  maybe the type of comedy was just not my cup of tea?

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