March 08, 2016

we like carbs in our family

me just hanging out watching telly and internetting. up 8 beats/m from when i woke up 2.5h ago. going steady? :)
our sushi session on sunday went pretty well. in the end we were all stuffed and there were a couple of leftover pieces too. we were 3 couples, i guess we have entered the adult-stage in our life, organizing couples get togethers...      we had great discussions on too, on politics, the effect of Gezi - or lack of it, atheism (which almost all of our were) and gay rights, yoga and womens education. why am i listing things we talked about? at the time it felt important, on sunday evening i mean. as i was really enjoying everything, i just thought about the great convo topics and how it was somehow meaningful...supposedly. a few glasses of wine make a lot of things meaningful though :D

doctor wanted to try liver sushi... i tried to criticize him, but he said that Edison was also laughed at before the invented the light bulb..

this here is a large tray with 2 layers of sushi...

this is a quick pasta last night with leftover surimi (and tuna and corn and cream...)

ive taken pride in not buying anything for almost a year now. but i had a weak moment yesterday and impulsively picked up these 3 rings (13tl/4eur). they are a bit much altogether though.

on the negative side
  • i have horrible cramps for the past 15min, apparently it is that time of the month...waiting for the pain killers to kick in. or at least ease things a bit. 
on the positive side;
  • New Zealand's The Bachelor season 2 started - first time watching TB NZ for me
  • i am done with most of the family permit application work, now its mostly printing, copying and getting things translated as they arrive in mail
  • i have nothing scheduled today, besides some work stuff - so i can enjoy some tv time and relax
  • the painkiller DID kick in so i just emptied AND filled the dishwasher (something doctor usually does but i was feeling energetic and relieved)
  • today is sunny and warm-ish (16c)

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