April 04, 2016

66 left

i did major wardrobe cleaning today. threw away some clothes  and put others in the "to consider" pile. i also threw away a pair of shoes that was just looking bad, synthetic leather doesnt do well in this humidity i guess. the surface starts cracking etc. i then looked at my shoe shelves and counted. i still have 66 pairs. that means there need to be some serious cutting before the fall. then i remember i just took 3 pairs to the cobbler today. and there is 1 pair waiting for repair. so...thats 70? fucking shit.

The Catch continued being cheesy-mediocre on its 2nd week. i think i will give up on it.

why are boxing matches always held so late? it seems counter-intuitive when we are talking about a sport. who would be on their best performance at 11 or 12pm?! i am not a morning person myself but physical performance at midnight....

its been about a year now since i last bought any clothes or shoes, incl socks etc. minus the wedding dress & shoes. at least as far as i can remember, but im pretty sure. normally it would be a big feat, but i have to say it hasnt been bad. i just have my eye set on the goal: moving. i did see a really cute dress today tho...  thats what reminded me of my shopping ban. i think the spring and summer will be hard. i will be focused on selling/donating a lot of my old clothes while looking at nice summery garments in shop windows...

i should set aside time for blogging just before i sleep, or ability to blog while in the shower, that's when I have some actually meaningful thoughts. by my own standards.

doctor was home again this weekend. rare, and won't be repeated for the next couple months I'm guessing. his next day off is 3 weeks from now. although, if he could arrange one (weekend off) for June it would be nice for going out of the city or something...

the difference between me and doctor is that i can do online courses and quizzes at the speed of light. maybe it depends on the subject, but generally. doctor wants to read everything and get to know the subject, i just attack the quiz part and check for answers if i dont already know them. but i know a lot! this may explain why i graduated with an average of 8,3 (scale 4 to 10) from elementary school, and doctor probably got something slightly better, which led him to med school...  but oh well, im really good at some things!


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