March 29, 2016

6 years that changed everything

TV: i had been waiting eagerly to watch The Catch. the premise sounded cool. but it was a pretty serious disappointment. not the worst thing ever, but flawed in so many ways. i read (or skimmed through) 5 or 6 different reviews of it, only one of them positive. The Atlantic's review echoes my thoughts most accurately. i would also like to add that the fake lashes on Mireille Enos are too much. of course fake lashes or lash extensions are a standard on tv, hers are just way too long and dense, drawing too much attention.

this monday marked my 6 year anniversary in Istanbul - and with doctor. it still amazes me that i found myself in a relationship the day i moved here. i had met him a month earlier, but i did not expect things to "escalate" quite that fast, if at all. anyway, 6 yrs is a long time...   doctor is away at an emergency medicine meeting thing in Ankara on monday, so we celebrated on saturday instead. we simply went out for dinner and drinks and then relaxed at home, watching tv. cute enough for me. i guess we are not very inventive or adventurous.

anniversary dinner at Thales
 some restaurants have started to have "diet" options. i dont think there were any when i moved 6 years ago, but in the past 3-4 years i have seen it on 3-5 menus. but i say "diet" because it usually means red meat switched to white, and added cheese. This menu goes a step further and someone has "counted" the calories. sure enough i have not seen the portions but i am very skeptical...  the first portion is with salmon file, greens and mash potato. 100gr of salmon is 146 calories, i would assume that's the minimum they would put on the plate. again, i cannot be sure, but i doubt the mashed potato is a without plenty of salt and butter...   the other foods are the same - maybe not impossible to reach the calorie stated, but in a turkish restaurant with a standard ok why am i whining? i just dislike inaccuracies.

last week doctor got his family permit for UK. took 5 or 6 business days as it should. finally that (first) nightmare is over at least. so our holiday in may is set and we can be stress free about it. for moving in october, we will have to apply again i guess. but i try not to get ahead of myself and start stressing just yet (easier said than done). meanwhile, we just focus on his specialist license application for UK. that's enough work as it is.

how turkish restaurants clean before closing. good job. i am not saying this is a problem though, its not, at all. just an observation :)

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