March 21, 2016

enjoying sporadically

TV  lately im trying to understand why i am resorting to reading episode recaps instead of watching the show itself. it would maybe make sense if youre not interested in a movie or a show, but you have a reason to be curious about the overall storyline, or something. but for a great tv show that you claim to love - why? ive done it twice this week big time. i read recaps for The Good Wife's season 7, and all of House of Cards season 3 and 4. i feel like a bad person. for the latter show especially. i love Claire. so why why why...  i have a collection of shaky excuses that im weighing but i dont know what its really about. ok maybe The Good Wife got a bit repetitive and boring after whats-his-name died, because that relationship and slow burn was essential to the series. and when Claire and Frank's relationship started showing cracks i think i was turned off a bit. i just cant see them being anything but a great team. yeah i know they worked things out but its too late now. also by reading the recaps i learned that Claire lost her self control on a few occasions. i think that was to make her more human but i was not happy at all. back to Good Wife, upon the introduction of Jason, i did google video clips of the crucial moment and i like what im seeing. but i think once you resort to reading, you dont go back to watching. as sad as it is.

    but then, i went on and binge watched british detective shows for about 6 hours last night. 2 episodes of Vera and 6 episodes of The Fall (might have fast forwarded a bit...). later i read reviews on The Fall and only then learned that the annoyingly sexy killer (like, to the point where u feel uncomfortable and embarrassed cos youre not supposed to feel that way) is the pathetic enterpreneur from 50 shades of grey. i didnt watch the movie any more than i read the book but i saw the trailer twice and remember distinctly thinking "oh please...not impressed." and it seems the only difference is the beard?? seems to make a huge difference! now i need to actively forget the whole Christian Grey thing before season 3 starts...

    i like my painting the way i like my cooking - ready in 15 minutes or less. makes me think though, combined with all the multitasking, fast forwarding and overall short attention span...  how do i ever get things done.

    my sunday project; "Bunny in the Dark". nice glossy black. 

    Guardian on Caitlyn Jenner and equality...  well said.

    my facebook feed is increasingly full of panic and fear mongering. its mainly people in the foreigner groups im a member of, although some turkish friends are dwelling in fear too. the posts are all
    "there is a rumor about XYZ in [district, area], please be careful and avoid the area!"
    "i feel so depressed, i dont want to go outside, anything could happen..."
    "i just heard a loud bang on x street/district, does anyone know what it was???"
    "my friend was going to come here next month, i guess she should cancel??"

    what this fear has done though is solve the traffic problem, the roads (especially the bottleneck-y first bosphorus bridge) seem clear most of the time (real time traffic apps say so). and you can find a seat in the bus, i hear. in kadiköy things look normal to me. if there is a change i dont notice it.

    quite an unappealing photo of something that tasted good. it was so dark i resorted to flash -  getting off the couch to turn on the lights was harder in comparison. salmon (with lemon pepper) and boiled cauliflower with spring onion. and tsatsiki-type of sauce on top.  i mightve boiled potatoes if we had some.

    out of spotifys weekly playlist for me, this is definitely one of my favorites;
    Matt Corby: Runaway (spotify) (youtube)

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