March 20, 2016

ive been 36 for a week now :)

ive realized lately i only have so much time and energy. when doctor and his visa process, or whatever, takes priority, then  dont really have as much time for other relationships. i still see friends but i clearly start cutting down on things.

i didnt feel like partying, i did want nachos on my birthday. and gummy bears. and thats what i got. Hanna and Carilyn also came over, and Hanna's hubby later. but so we had a chill evening. 
i asked for no gifts for my birthday but this week i met Carina for a glass of wine and she gave me this hand cream. shed even checked that the company should not be testing on animals, thats sweet!
i recently got a LinkedIn message from a headhunter, there was a 6 month job in ireland that fit my profile, and in a company that i certainly would not mind working for. but in this situation, right now, if i want to stick with my original plans and goals, it just didnt fit...  so i had to turn it down. yesterday a friend suggested that i was an idiot for doing that, she thought i could have my cake and eat it too, but i dont know. doesnt make sense to dwell in it now, but i am asking myself for the reasons i really thought it was impossible. maybe "blaming" the circumstances isnt right, like how hard it woulde been to have my full time and part time job side by side, etc., i just wasnt ready to leave Istanbul yet, and thats all? but it made me hopeful that there are job opportunities 'out there' there that suite me really well.

must be hard to be the son or daughter (well lets face it, especially the son) of someone very revolutionary. or someone very talented. i just saw an article headline about the son of Che Guevara and went like "uuuuuuh...", cringing.  doesnt mater what i though of him or the headline, it was just..."well good luck with to you...".

plagues of the Roman Empire
famous women on not having children - Kim Catrall's "i have a headache" is pretty good

the papers submitted with the visa (family permit) application. list of attachments on the left. doctor says they were impressed with how organised it all was. well, thats how i roll!

i was out with a turkish female friend night, Z. went to a few bars, including this new one called Beyrut, on our street. its been there for a few weeks, was about time i check it out!

the front which opens to the street (classic istanbul bar, see heater on the ceiling)
 ...and the back/the bar.
 nice place, normal prices (wine glass 15tl/5e).

my all time favorite female detectives (in no order):
Angie Flynn
Olivia Benson
Sarah Linden
Brenda Leigh Johnson
Stella Gibson
Vera Stanhope
Saga Norén
 (unfortunately although ive watched CSI and Criminal Minds through and through, they didnt really offer any "meaningful" characters)

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