March 17, 2016

prioritizing tasks

daylight savings time: couldnt care less
US presidential elections: i read, but couldnt care less
terrorism threat in istanbul (german consulate closed, rumours circulating...): couldnt care less
kitchen floor flooding: couldnt care less

while chess Candidates games in Moscow (live broadcasts :P) are going on, this article offers insight into the messy history of the "Candidates".

i just watched this episode of Ink Master Redemption (s02e03) in which a client was verbally nasty to a female tattoo artist, so she decided to throw a punch at him. a short fight ensued, nobody got hurt, but what bothered me is that afterwards it was not addressed that she was the one who got physical first. dave navarro asked her several times if SHE is ok, if she was hurt, etc. and with the guy being bigger and probably way stronger, her chances of getting hurt were higher, but since when do you just brush off the initial attack? also she was disrespectful to the client, and dave navarro chose to just avoid the whole topic and the bad tattoo, and let her bitch about the client being an ass. im disappointed!

i found myself listening to jazz again. what the f...  not the antsy type of stuff, more like easy movie jazz...  (spotify's coffee table jazz playlist). but this is ok, i dont have any rules about what is okay to listen, im just so surprised. times change, people change...  i think im attracted to the calming, soothing effect of the music. i am anxious enough, i dont need a hard beat to rile me, just the opposite (but i still want my caffein).

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