April 07, 2016

so what do you unique snowflake like to be referred to as...?

coming from a native language without gender i can understand the need for gender neutral pronouns, although im not super passionate about it. but why cant the people fighting for this cause settle on something?! i dont personally know anyone who wants to be referred to as ze or ne or xe or something, but im just imagining a situation where one of my friends wants to be xe, another ze, another ne and so forth. one pronoun i do NOT like for gender neutral is they/them. i mean...  do i have to explain why?? if i could pick, i'm not sure actually...
ze/zir can be hard to pronounce (esp. internationally)
ze/hir same thing, plus illogical for a layman
ve/ver too close to 'we'
xe/xem another exotic one/will lead to pronounciation issues, although very distinguishable
ney/nem sounds like baby-version of 'they/them'
ey/em as above

yeah i actually don't think i can choose. trying to put those in sentences and think of possible conflicts and accent issues....  maybe i'd go for ve/ver although i dont know how its supposed to be pronounced, but probably follows the logic of "we", so  sounds like "vii" and "vi'r". i could do that.

the back of a bar/restaurant really near our home (Oblomov). i met Hanna there for a lunch a while back.

Atatürk is always around. like in restaurants under your plate...
last saturday i was feeling good, testing a mobile app (with the help of doctor's android). the old nokia is not related to the testing, heh.

our floor is living a life of its own again. i dunno how water from the kitchen got to it, but apparently it did. opening the front door is tough, but it seems like the process has stopped so we're just ignoring it for now...  i eman what is there to do, anyway, i know the landlady does not want to hear about it...

in our bedroom, behind a chest.... lovely. i also saw there is something similar going on behind our wardrobe, but i didnt bother moving and finding out how bad it is. cos sgain, what is there to do anyway. im surprised it took 5 years for this to happen though, better than most flats!

tomorrow im seeing this friend of a friend, Henna. our common friend gave my details to her cos she is coming here for a visit and wants to hang out in kadiköy. i promised to take her out and whatnot. ive been on a pretty healthy diet for the past couple weeks, and back to biking more (stationary bike :) so this will break my streak...im a bit bummed. also cos saturday is a girls night with Cary etc. so two nights in a row!!

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