April 08, 2016

Letgo - cute but struggling

somehow i came across an app called Letgo (maybe featured in app store?). a buy/sell app for your 2nd hand stuff. sounds great but i immediately had a feeling like it might have its problems in turkey especially, but im always open to trying apps. within 10 minutes i'd spotted 3 bugs. what the hell? they couldnt afford testing? no time for fixing anything? its sad cos the app has some cool features, its easy to use and so. functionality and usability wise i can see room for improvement but it is a pretty cool start, the bugs are just quite disappointing.

but moving on. the biggest disappointment of all was that it was littered with professional sellers of course. the local 2nd hand phone shops and whatnot have set up shop in there and overall the quality was poor. oh, well, i cant say its not surprising.

and what was definitely not surprising was that 50minutes after signing up, i was approached by a turkish guy who was more interested in me than the item i was selling. bastard. still gets my blood boiling sometimes.

putting an item for sale is super fast and easy, the UI is user friendly. the settings area and "back room" is rough around the edges, could use some tweaking and additional features, like a profile description - now there is just username and image. "profile description" or whatever you want to call it is useful if you want to give a blanket statements about your location or sales terms. anyway, overall easy to use. for communication the app offers some pre-written replies. i dont benefit from them of course, communicating in turkish, but nice idea. even nicer would be if they offered me to write and save my own replies for quick click & send, but that feature does not exist.

i think for now i will have to stick with the fb groups where its mostly foreigners buying/selling. its a current issue though since i am slowly trying to get rid of a lot of stuff...

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