April 13, 2016

so, tea...

im feeling lazy and tired these days, but im not sure if its boredom or what. and something weird by my standards: im drinking tea in increasing amounts. first it was just the ginger tea i made  by myself with fresh ginger. then doctor made tea and offered me and although i am not a fan of sage (at least the smell), i agreed. and today i volunteerily made some myself :S maybe its just a phase. i went to the market and bought myself some cinnamon & clove tea...  i will give it a try. small investment. feels really odd though - am i really gonna start liking tea after 36 yrs of not liking it? i shall see.

i was out last friday and saturday, meeting friends. good times. better enjoy them while they last. anyway, on sunday one of the people i met on friday told me they got a hangover & stomach bug combo from that night that made them really ill all saturday. then i was chatting with one of the people i met saturday night and she asked me how my tummy was cos hers was not feeling so good, and we too had been eating the same food. then i talked to yet another friend who asked me if i can eat rye bread daily, cos her stomach is so sensitive it gets irritated from eating it - wtf? these convos just reminded me how lucky i am in that this just does not happen to me. i can eat anything and everything, there are no consequences. adding that to the fact that i dont get a proper flu or anything that would put me in bed, sick, i am truly fortunate.  on the flip side though, my nose is runny this very moment, allergy or whatever...  anything could set my nose off. i guess everyone has a weakness...

i have a thing with buckles...i think? i was able to eliminate one of these 4 pairs, need to sell  or throw away. 

im already quite confused with cooking and food item terminology in all the languages i know, not sure if this english cooking wiki makes things better or worse...  at least i could use it for reference?

noticed this behind the curtain in our livingroom.  stuff is just falling apart? lol.

saturday at Carilyn's. spaghetti and garlic bread. 

 spring look on my nails!

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