April 16, 2016

promptly disappointed

so the cinnamon & clove tea was, maybe not surprisingly to anyone but me, kind of a disappointment. it smelled like mulled wine but delivered a watery...nothing. maybe because the smell was so misleading.

so i wanted to try yet another tea. orange flower.

then i read that tea, too, stains teeth. jesus christ, is there anything that doesnt?? im not trying to be perfect or a live life perfectly as that would be the antidote of living, but i am trying to find a middle ground. i dont need my teeth getting any yellower, im only 36. and whitening treatments are expensive. i shall try the at-home ones at some point.

orange flower was disappointing too, which is kind of what a part of me was hoping. because it was in those weird cubic tea bags that i remember being advertised in Finland maybe...8 or 10 years ago? and i remember thinking "what the F...  thats ridiculous". and thats what i thought again, when i saw the package on the shelf in the market. but orange flower sounded interesting so i decided to focus on that. all the while hoping that the marketing guys at Lipton arent going "yeaaaaah, that pyramid bag is killing it! lets make more!". cos no, its not, its just the orange flowerand probably other interesting or rare tastes that no one else has! although what do i know, if its been in the market for 10 or something years i guess something in it is working for people, and it may not be only orange flower :/  well, i try not to think about it. but so im kinda glad i wont be supporting the pyramid scheme tea bag design any more than i have (5,30tl/1,70 eur).

what ive read:
Caravaggio in Toulouse attic possibly fake (dont know who the F Caravaggio is, but i still liked reading!)
HuffPost: I am NOT cisgengered (didnt maybe read every word of this, but this whole cis/trans LGBTQUIYRSĂ– discussion is sometimes interesting to follow)
Gizmodo: Facebook employees asked Mark Zuckerberk if they should try to prevent a Donald Trump presidency (nothing new here actually but still a nice read)

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