April 28, 2016


i saw an utterly useless artsy film last week. Queen of Earth. i could tell the main actress did a great job, she was believable and all, but the film itself was like Lynch & something. didnt understand anything, mentally dropped out halfway through.

ive been low key otherwise, work front is quiet and im avoiding social gatherings to some extent. did see Hanna on wednesday though, for our onthly "one on one". and went to Jenney's birthday party on friday. where i met Gönül, whom i really hit it off with and we met today for coffee. she is also the first person ever (as far as i can remember) who point blank asked me about my orientation. of course its not something you need to know about everyone, but people also assume. it was just nice for someone to not assume.

so last week the world lost His Purple Majesty. im not too affected by celebrity deaths, even if i enjoyed their life's work. and Prince was not on my top10 of artists i love, so im not sure why i even mentioned it. i guess i found some of the articles about him interesting. same with Bowie. but hey Prince was the same height as me (157cm/5´2") ! :)

NYTimes: Anohni - embracing a new name, new sound (artist previously known as Anthony Hegarty)
Guardian: Love in the age of living for ever
Atlantic: Prince was a gay icon whether he liked it or not
Atlantic: the diseases you get only if you believe in them  this one was interesting. because culture and the effect of your own belief go far in illness and cure, i like to read about this topic.  its suggested that PMS could be a product of western culture. i don't have a strong opinion, but i do feel like its been blown out of proportion. i mean its become this running joke that you see in movies or wherever, when a woman is angry someone will refer to PMS. women themselves do it too, "i was really crazy last weekend, irrational and trying to pick a fight...it must've been PMS". i think thats 'PMSplaining'. okay maybe its not always harmful, and indeed PMS can be as real as you believe. i personally don't think i have PMS symptoms so it's good to know i probably never will :D i also believe in the "loop" effect mentioned in the article, and that in the simplest form of it, people who generally believe they are healthy or ill, are on average, more healthy or ill (= FEEL as such). im not saying you can imagine your cancer away, or allergy even, but im thinking in averages, big numbers.

whats interesting for me is that Atlantic changed the article URL's at some point to be more like keywords...instead of just the name of the article. makes perfect sense SEO wise. eg. this article i read: 
Guardian: Cillian Murphy turning 40  the URL is http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/apr/23/cillian-murphy-peaky-blinders-batman-scarecrow-tom-lamont

a week ago i got inspired by one article about Monica Lewinsky, and that lead me to reading reveral. she came across as smart and likeable, and i was really happy to see her doing well. plus, she looks great - good for her :) i remember the "Blowgate" in the 90s and i was not liking how it exploded the way it did. president or not, infedelity occurs sometimes - has nothing to do with how he can do his job. and sleeping with the president or not, she was just a woman, who, well, slept with someone (who was married).

Guardian: Monica Lewisnky: The shame sticks to you like tar
Vanity Fair: Shame and Survival (by Monica)
Guardian: Hillary, Bill and Me - growing up in the shadow of Monica Lewinsky
Guardian: Monica Lewinsky wasn't betrayed by feminism
 (a lot of Guardian? overall, i seem to read it a LOT lately. i liked their FB page and now see the articles recommended in my newsfeed and shit it's addictive, lot of good articles... hard not to read)

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