April 29, 2016

im gonna go to bed and read a book!

ive been supposedly really busy lately. i mean, i have. i have less work than usual but im spending a lot of time working on doctors work related papers, putting together excels and stuff. i am very happy that i can be useful, and i actually have to grab tasks from him to do. he seems to think he can do everything...    i guess i like to have some control over things too...  besides his papers, im socializing a lot and was testing this finnish mobile app earlier this week (was fun) ...still, not sure where ALL my time is going. but the result is that i have watched very little tv for the past weeks. when i realize that my list of unwatched episodes is growing, i get a bit annoyed, yet i do prioritize "life" over tv of course... 

looks like a very happy kitty? 

doctor moved his home office from his room to the living room.  so now we are almost side by side. helps when working on his files for his license application. my tea and painting trials also in the pic.

pink french on sparkly white. yeah i like my nails. 

there was a street party by our corner on wednesday. i saw all my friends were going to "kadiköy street party" and wow, it was right by the bar next to us. when people showed up it was all around our flat. people hanging out, drinking beer and enjoying - np other program as far as i know. and thats cool. we were busy with doctors paperwork so didnt go out and join, but since this was right outside our window it felt almost like we were out there. nice event, anyways. the noise was less fun when we went to bed but thats why earplugs are invented.

Kasparov still has it! playing blitz with So, Nakamura and Caruana.

back terrace of ArkaOda...  always busy on weekends.
tomorrow we are going for a dinner with doctors supervisor and his wife.

i was supposed to meet Gönül this week but she got called to work, which takes her out of the country for months at a time. sooooo, was great to meet and all...  that was short. we will have time to meet when she returns, though, before i move.

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