May 07, 2016

so many things

may 1st
happy may 1st to me! sparkling wine and SoapUI. not simultaneously, though. SoapUI is new to me, i decided to learn some and see where it goes. and as always, learning is invigorating.

may 6th
since may 1st things have gone downhill, im stressed and/or down. with the occasional positive boost which makes me think im bipolar (not really, but, like).

today the kitchen was flooding again. i was not aware of it as usual because its not our fuckin water, until the restaurant downstairs alerted me, the water was coming  through their ceiling. i went down there to see it, was like rain, lol. they are nice guys though so i feel bad for them. ist not the first time but now they were more upset so they sent all kinds of plumbers to look at the situation. the issue occurs in our kitchen and our floor, but its not about the water we use, its coming from upstairs. the plumbers then spend a couple hours in the kitchen using acids and dissambling pipes... although the problem lies in deeper - the pipe under the floor is poorly done. well they knew it too but tried to make an effort to clean it. and as usual, it was suggested that we just physically block the floor drain where the water comes out from. and as usual, i explained that it's been tried, and not long after that, the water came out of the sink and down the kitchen counter. that was imho even worse than the simple floor flood. so i told him no. if we can just manage 4 to 5 more months here...

we decided to invest in doctors plan B also, meaning that for him to get a med license in UK, we booked him PLAB 1 exam for Sept 14th. if you pass PLAB 1, u can then take PLAB 2, and after passing that you basically get registered and its all good. BUT you're just a "basic junior doctor" then, not a specialist, which makes a huge difference in salary. and money is not the most important thing in life but in London it kinda matters... :( anyway, need to look at all options. PLAB 1 is a theoretical exam and doctor tried 2 short mock exams and passed both, just like that. so if he then actually studies a bit... well, it should be a slam dunk? we'd been turned off by the exam not only because of the non-specialist status but the thought of an exam makes you think months of studying, stress and relationship suffering from all the said things. and reading online, people do study months for this, there are hundreds of books and courses built around this "entrance exam". but we didnt consider that many of these people are straight our of med school. and that a lot of doctors just arent that knowledgeable, in comparison. im glad we looked into it, eases our mind. we had not planned for doctor to be in London in September yet, but that's a secondary concern now, PLAB tests are fully booked many months in advance, u do what u gotta do.

may 7th
London tomorrow. i have some packing stress because i would normally pack in the evening but we are going to this fancy wedding tonight. thats another "great" choice i made, cos i knew about this wedding when i booked the flights. thats why i booked sunday and not saturday! but we will come home slightly inebriated im sure, and we have a 4:45 wake up to go to airport. well, live and learn? or not? and this fancy wedding... in turkey fancy means oscar-gala fancy. and i dont exactly own evening gowns. so my choices are pretty limited. something perfectly festive and polite in finland is too plain and casual here. well i gotta go with what i have and hope to just blend in somehow. i do look forward to this wedding for sure, it should be nice and "european". i guess its patronizing to suggest "european" is an explicitly good thing, but whatever, it makes ME comfortable. and its all about me, isnt it?

i am also worried about possibly feeling 'rejected' by London? is it possible? anything is possible. i will consider just about anything to acquire further stress.

we are meeting a lot of people in London... Tiitta and her hubby are there on a trip too so them, then Alina and her guy, then Susanna some day next week, Miriam and her partner in crime and we'll be staying with Avner and Elmor from thursday to sunday, so theres that. and possibly some other people. 

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