May 17, 2016

sort of successful visit

London holiday over and done. i cant say we had a super busy week, but it wasnt boring enough for me to start typing a blog entry on my mobile either...heh.  we met plenty of people and gained information of all kinds, and are *this close* to signing a room lease starting in i guess the trip was overall a success. exciting and scary. the move is just becoming a reality, and as with all my big decisions, i am going into the "what the fuck am i doing??!!" mode. partially, anyway. the train has left the station and it's not stopping anymore, i think, so i better just hold onto the seat and be ready for what comes. i dont know why i make it sound almost like im a passive participant, i definitely made this happen. but there is slight panic in the air too. doctor is the calmer one for sure, altho he has some stress about his thesis and graduating on time, or ahead of of time,  of course, i think he is very content with everything.

Camden and the canal. and other stuff.

in London we met Tiitta & Tuukka, Alina & Justin, Susanna, Riikka & Ray, Miriam a& mahmoud, and finally, we stayed a few nights and Avner & Elmor, with whom we had great time....  and we still had time to enjoy daytime picnics when the weather was loving us.

they have my fav cider in london! Rekorderlig has that proper chemical fruit essence taste...

Vauxhall tube station
 at the Borough market. there were tons of hams, cheese, oils, wines...  amazing things. i wanted to become a foodie.
  a pub in Crystal Palace.
 Godfather, italian restaurant.

had we not spent so much time with people, it wouldve been very different. i sucked in all the tips, details, thoughts....and stuff between the lines, although im generally not good with 'between the lines'. i think its the people i know there that made me feel especially welcome.

now reading:
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films to watch:
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
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