May 29, 2016

things with people

from a birthday picnic a week or so ago. i love kadiköy seaside, its less than kilometre from our house and all summer long the green grass and good weather is there just waiting for you to come enjoy it for free. istanbul doesnt have a lot of green so i feel lucky.

Carilyn, Hanna
Carina, the birthday girl.
other girls arranged things to eat while i got us yellow disposable picnic ware, and balloons! 

one of the places i will miss is Karga's backyard, its small and has this garden feel to it, with a net on top where cats often walk. i have been there so many, good, times...:) last week after the picnic some of us continued there and my friend Hatice joined. she introduced me to a friend of hers, who is a swedish finn, and we also have another common friend with her, Toros (whom i met in deviantart some 8 or whatever years ago and then met in Istanbul of course). now we are planning to all go out together, the 'finns' and Toros.

out street, next to our home. fairly lively in the evenings too.

in Taksim on wednesday. there were many bars that were kind of open towards the street so everyone was just hanging out drinking on the street, amidst a few random bar tables.
someone snapped a photo of me talking to Yusuf. i invited him and carilyn to join me, Miriam and her colleague for a night out. Yusuf was my couchsurfing host in hatay in early 2010, before i moved to Istanbul. we kept in touch and occasionally met over the years, now being in touch more, actually. he is really nice.
this DJ had a car front that was basically out on the street (coming out of the building a bit).
me and Miri having dinner in Viktor Levi (another favorite place of mine in kadiköy, and istanbul).
friday night we made craft jewellery stuff, lol. Miri got interested in making something for herself and well, it was nice and relaxing. and then it was her bedtime anyway. Miri is an easy guest cos unless i take us out for something, there is no need to drink and party, we just take it easy. with some lentil soup on the side.

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