June 05, 2016

food and drinks and food and

another week with guests...almost over. Arttu & Inkeri just left today, BUT tomorrow doctors mom will be coming! however she is so low maintenance and stays typically 1 or 2 nights...    we did have a good week though, everyone was working so our living room was like an open office, and in the evenings we went out to eat and drink and the usual. but i look forward to being home all alone, too...  like, just watching tv shows, doing nothing for hours...

crazy tasty food. nearby liver & kebab place.
out guests came bearing gifts...nom nom. i had asked for a cider and doctor for "lonkero" (gin+grapefruit9. we both got several each <3 a="" addition="" gin="" got="" href="http://barmagazine.co.uk/iwsc-judges-best-brands-for-a-gin-and-tonic-and-a-bloody-mary/" in="" target="_blank" we="">Napue, which recently won the best gin at Internation Wine and Spirit competition
and, doctor got a deo he asked for (Lumene). we got 2 packs of Stevia. and a belated wedding gift from Inkeri - a proper finnish cook book. AND she gave me a copy of the book she wrote that won the Finnish science book of the year award. ive been really curious about it and finally get to read it now :) its about pseudoscientific history, stories about where finns originate from (but which are not true, like, finns being related to egyptians...). should be entertaining.

on wednesday we went to see Melisa's documentary at documentarist festival, in SALT Galata. after that we dined at the rooftop of said building, at a fine dining establishment called Neolokal. the festival has not done much PR i think...cos this film, and many others, are playing to empty theatres.

QA for Daddy's Girl.
On Tuesday we met Toros and Siri and their friend Irmak. had a great time and learned that Toros has lives in Camberwell, which is where me and doctor are first moving! small world :)

thursday was picnic day, in Caddebostan, with Volkan and Afsin. i shouldve taken a pic when it was still sunny and perfectly warm...  oh well.

Volkan and Afsin both brew their own beer and brought a few bottles. well, i dont drink beer so it was not something i could enjoy, but i DO enjoy the cool labeling here:

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