June 18, 2016

pick your hassle

im seriously nesting. i was browsing London flats online... even though who knows where we end up... but london really has the most expensive flats anywhere. yet i am even obsessed with the location and the quality...the windows.... im desperate for a bloody home! my own home, not rental! this feeling has been growing inside of me for a few years now and its getting unbearable - but there is no way we will own a place in the next 48 months at least, possibly much longer :/ i realize this must be some sort of rootlessness i am experiencing. for when i moved to istanbul, i still felt quite attached to finland, and assumed i would returned sooner rather than later, but years have passed and its become clear im not going back just yet. so ive slowly started to cut off that mental umbilical cord i guess. and with that, i have started to question where my home is, really. sure, i have felt very comfy and 'homy' in istanbul too, but its been clear that i wouldnt stay here forever either and ive been waiting for doctor to graduate so we would move. and i feel the need to set up home somewhere. still, first world probs...

so yesterday i learned that  diapers are REALLY expensive. okay i guess they contain a lot of materials too, but oh boy. i bought a few packs for a local charity run by foreign women, helping syrian refugee families. their number one need is diapers. i wish the world just switched to re-usable diapers. and im not even ecological - it just sounds sensible.

i had a busy week with work but it included some pretty exciting times. also learned that Avner & Elmor are coming to visit Istanbul in July - which is awesome. my work and LIFE station.

yesterday i went for an evening picnic with Melisa. she has been touring with her documentary and had a birthday so we needed to catch up. at the park, there was thiis dog that sat by for quite a while. it had a collar and a sort of tag. firstly, his name is Findik; Hazelnut. next, it said he is the dog of this district and there is nothing wrong with his leg, so one should not call animal shelter. there are plenty of dogs at the parks - and elsewhere - i find it sweet that they bothered making him this tag. he was limping so i guess people have been calling about that.

last week with a finnish friend i met through couchsurfing. me and him and doctor went for a dinner. mezes and some meat. 

and then, me and doctor enjoyed a turkish breakfast outside, with these little kitties.... 

i snuggled with the kitties and i guess their hair was all around in the air too, cos i got so allergic it was a bit devastating. i suffered from it for hours. u never know how hard the allergy hits. but boy were those kitties cute!!

tuesday was dentist day. i went to this dentist who had trained in germany and whom foreigners were recommending. sure enough he was great indeed, i cant complain. as private offices tend to be, his was like a palace. but a whiter, more sci-fi version. seriously everywhere was white, no nothing. and the aquarium on the wall there...  i could pay less for my dental night guide and not have the aquarium. but i should just be grateful i found a reliable place, right? i am. i need to go pick the acrylic dental guide next week.

leaving europe, heading to asia. 

rings. in the middle, Ataturk, of course, what else. 

one of the countless terraces in kadiköy. the weather is great now, it may be a bit warm in the day, but at least the nights are super warm too.

my brexit stress is quite hight and there is still almost a week to go...  uff
next week we are also applying for another family permit, because doctor's current FP expires in november. so ive been collecting papers for that and he needs to go to the visa center and so forth. hassle, yes, but what can you do. we chose this hassle, at least? there are many hassles in life to choose from, at least for us. we should grateful we can pick our hassles?

Mike Dargas' art - cool realistic paintings. i think the teeth could use some more realism (they look extra photoshopped) , but he is especially good with eyelids, and liquids, obviously.
founder of online dating, still dating online :) i am online dating supporter, just for the record
Turkey canceling passports

today in Viktor Levi - one of my fav restaurants by far - i just had to take a pic, Ataturk's photo nailed on that tree is so random... but so turkish. he is always and everywhere. 

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