June 27, 2016

with friends

mondays are a bit slow for me. i mean getting into the work groove...  takes me half a day. im trying to figure out how to speed it up but its challenging. and this is the week after Brexit, not super motivating from any angle... 

i watched 2 movies recently; A Perfect Day and The Family Fang. both were interesting in their own way. the first one had only strong male characters, the women were thin stereotypes. but its a good film about NGO's trying to help and do their thing in warzones. not that im a specialist. Family Fang was a sort of drama comedy, entertaining with a fun story but with boring end.

the violent attack at a "Radiohead bar" here in istanbul was just near my friends place, and the place owned buy a friend of a friend. a few of the recent events here have hit close to home. i still remain emotionally unaffected, i dont know is my selfishness or my heart just made of stone, but on another level i acknowledge it and it serves as a reminder of why we want to pay £800 for a room in London, while we pay £500 for a 120sqm flat here.

i have serious sleeping issues lately. i am often tired after working hours and after 9 or 10pm i feel like i could definitely sleep, but when i put my head on the pillow my mind will not rest. all the worries and tasks in the world are lined up and i cant let go. well this is not a new problem, but its worse these days. its the move, obviously. but i cant spend the rest of my life like this, i need to work on this issue...

out with friends last week
this is Umut with his beer. a turk currently not living in turkey, just visiting.

something i cooked. mushrooms & walnut seem to go well together.

i met Yusuf too last week. i met him through couchsurfing in 2010, he was my host in Hatay when i was on my way to Syria. since then he moved to Istanbul and we meet up occasionally.

out in Istanbul with the cats...  i think my social life is a bit more active lately cos im trying to take it all in, see everyone, enjoy everything...

i love this old house. i think i might have taken a photo of it before. 

when finns were celebrating midsummer on friday, i went off for a picnic with Hanna in Macka park. i dont know if the mood was very midsummerish but fun enough...we had mezes and white wine (cooled in the cooling bag!). after finishing the wines we continued to a Nisantasi bar. it turned out a late night.

from Kiriaki's place a week ago. an amazing brunch/dinner with lots of pork and nice wine and good company.

got 2 small plates, 2 "dessert spoons" (i think they are perfect coffee spoons!)  and a tea infuser for doctor. he is big on tea and loves this. the plaes and spoons, i have no excuses, but had to use our Pasabahce gift card.

on saturday i went out for dinner with Elin and her Iranian friends. they have been living abroad for a long time (Italy etc), so we are all expats - lot to talk about - we had a great time. Behnam (left in photo) is planning a start up application and we had good discussions ob the topic.

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