July 09, 2016

jenni tours

Avner & Elmor are coming here today for a short visit from London. i kept begging them to come see istanbul while we are still here and it worked!!

i think i need to see the Tarzan movie. this review written after a couple wines encourages me further.

i checked out this tv show called Preacher this week. it was....interesting. really out there. its based on a comic, which may explain. im not sure if i liked it or not (quite). i might watch another episode just to confirm. but i did find it different and intriguing. the series im currently following include Motive, Murder in the First, Arranged, Ultimate Fighter and The Amazing Race Canada. series on my To Check list are: Braindead and The Girlfriend Experience.

got my dental guide a couple weeks ago. yay. im not sure if its helping with my jaw ache because the problem is very on-off, but time will show.
the other week i wanted to consult a local lawyer about the turkish law as i have been struggling on what do with my taxes. my status and an emigrant is seemingly permanent so so i was wondering what would happen if i was taxable here for whatever i earned this year or so...    in a foreigners FB group someone recommended a lawyer named Davut. i called him to ask for a short consultation. he got back to me telling that their tax specialist would be happy to consult, he will translate since the other guy doesnt speak english, and they would do it pro bono. surprising? yes. i think its cos my income is not that high, although its good by turkish standards, but maybe in lawyer-world im still not worth charging anything :D so i went to their office and met with them and i got some of the information i was looking for. i am now applying for "tax examption" from finland starting september. i dont want to take the slightest risk of dealing with the turkish tax authorities. but i would like to start paying taxes in the UK.
 Tiitta & her OH were here for a short visit one last time. this is Tiitta with a kitty who is into motorbiking.
 picnic at Caddebostan seaside. 
its always relaxing there with a lot of young people. you can almost feel like you are in europe....heh.
 the park cop! very cute.
 we went for a breakfast with a view last sunday. this restaurant was in anadoluhisari. 
 Viktor Levi mezes.  to be honest their unchanging menu is getting to menu, i really wouldnt go there anymore if it wasnt for the wonderful ambience, great service and good, affordable wine. the mezes are good, but jesus, ive had them so many times!

kitty guarding Karga bar entrance. 

Bomonti beer "installation" (=ad) on a bar wall. 

Ayi bar chain has started to produce their own bear too. here they advertise it on their wall. 

 kadik√∂y's moda seaside, with its native cats.

my standard breakfast. finnish rye bread, some margarin and a microwaved egg. with salt and pepper. perfect. 

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