July 28, 2016

there is always something...

turkish police sometimes sends warning sms. a couple day's ago it read, translated;
"Do not believe anybody who claims to be a police, prosecutor, or a military member, and says that YOUR NAME HAS BEEN LINKED TO THE COUP, AND HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE COUP PLOTTERS' LIST, trying to collect money or gold from you."

im really obsessed in finishing everything by the move, i mean finishing that bottle of body lotion that ive been using for 2 years, finishing the detergent, finishing the huge stock of toilet paper...  yeah im not gonna force it but im trying a bit too hard. spending too much brain energy on planning.  but definitely we have too much sushi materials to not have a sushi gathering before the move!

today was Carilyn's last day in Turkey - she is leaving the country tomorrow. us girls gathered at her place today for one more chat and get together before saying our goodbye's. our pack is falling apart 1 by one! on friday she also hosted a farewell party. and yesterday me and doctor went to a turkish wedding over on Heybeli island. 2 doctors got married so the guests were largely other doctors. the setting and party was ...nice:

i also met some new people, doctors from other hospitals that even my spouse does not know :D

i removed 5 stitches from doctor yesterday. he taught me what to do. im so proud of myself! the re-stitched one will have to wait for a few more days.

tonight i had planned on just relaxing and being at home.... but in typical turkish custom, i got a message from Nilla saying shes in town and that we could meet up...   Nilla is someone i first met in Istanbul (by chance) soon after moving here. turkish girl eager to move to finland, already speaking more than a few words. she moved and over the years we met a couple times and ive learned that her and i largely shared the same friends, she knows *everyone* in both turkey and finland. point is, she is social and out there like no one else and it impresses me. anyway, so we got to see each other again. i remember her being really young when we met, like 19...  turns out she is 23 now, which makes her 16-17 when we met. its hard to muster that someone so smart and wise was that young so i guess i upped her age in my mind. and you dont assume to meet underage people in a bar setting... although no one checks here. point is, we had a fun evening and through her i met a couple more cool people.

the public transport has been free in Istanbul since soon after the coup. because the public has been invited to celebrate democracy (or something) at the squares every evening. tonight there was a huge gathering in Taksim square. i saw people traveling there in masses. i also heard the free transport thing would be continued for another week. things are changing frequently these days. and not many neutral media outlets exist anymore so its hrd to get the information...

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