August 01, 2016

starting august

i am really sad Matt Damon is getting all this hate now - first it was the thing he said on Project Greenlight forever ago, and then now this 'whitewashed' movie thing. as if its just his fault. why did the chinese director cast him in it? lets talk to him...  the whitewash thing is still a valid issue but i just dont agree with the amount of hate this one guy is getting for what...2 things? also i have 1 friend on FB who got totally pissed when Damon spoke in favour of restricting gun ownership - Oz style - but yet he stars in films where 'violence is glorified' and his bodyguards have guns. so he's a hypocrite, then, according to my FB friend. i dont agree with this either. and i did not agree 100% with the Project Greenlight case and criticism, maybe it didnt come out right but i dont think what he meant was inherently wrong. i have spend a lot of time thinking about this specific case and why cant i fully agree - maybe im just looking it wrong? maybe my logic is wrongly meritocratic and i "just dont get it", being a priviledged white woman? yeah whatever.

doctor came home from what was hopefully his last ever work shift in turkey. cos in turkey u can never be really sure...  but for all purposes, he has not been scheduled any shifts for this month and on Aug 31st he has his specialist exam and then thats that. amazing. this 4.5 yrs was tough. a lot of doctor-non-doc couples break up during that time. i guess thats why they pair with each other most of the time, any other combo and the relationship just wont last. the crazy hours he's worked and the time ive been alone at home, sometimes frustrated for not being able to reach him...    im sure Uk is not all roses and rainbows either but im hoping the worst is over now.

Guardian: Lebanon sex trafficking

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