August 06, 2016

groovy saturday

a colleague is in bed with a flu. reminds me how lucky i am for never getting ill like that.
we all have our problems, but that i aint one of mine. instead i continue packing and going through our stuff, what to give away, that to throw away...what's perhaps worth selling 2nd hand...

and what did i get in mail? my new EU style drivers license! EU...hehe, but, i think it works as an ID, anyway good to have... 

Aeon: The idea that gender is a spectrum is a new gender prison
Wired: Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us

but this is the stuff i want to start reading;
Guardian: Should you say no to prosecco with your pancakes. u know, first world probs. i want more first world probs.

Filth - fun enough, i wasnt in the right mood but i would still recommend
The Last Heist - this one has 3.6 in imdb and Henry Rollins, so i was eager to really was a 3.6

something i will not miss from Turkey...

:( :( Torrentz is dead.

manti, turkman style. nom nom. 

turkish motorcycle 'gang'. 

view from a friends window. business district far in the background.

turkish flag has a new meaning since the coup. it is used by the religious people to 'celebrate democracy'. tomorrow there is supposed to be yet another big gathering, maybe both european and asian side, to celebrate this 'democracy'. yay? 

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