August 23, 2016

goodbye Gunilla

i think its time i start getting more excited about the move. there are still struggles or things that could go wrong ahead, but they never end, do they...  the lesson i need to learn in life is try and f*ckin relax :D doctor sold the car today, so thats one challenge past us, succesfully. but i will miss her, even if i didnt see her a lot. but doctor said the new foster family is very nice and promised to shower her every day(!). thats great cos Gunilla loved getting a good wash. Istanbul is so dusty... 

the car money is a nice addition to our savings towards the next 6 months. in this 6 month time, doctor should be able to get a UK license to practice and a job, and if not, oh well, we have to continue our adventure somewhere else. also, doctor finally got a paper from his hospital that states there are no obstacles for him to go abroad. even if at the time of the move he won't be a government employee anymore, you can never be sure enough, better have all the papers you can get for when the border control at the airport gets difficult...

after this party i feel even more ready to pack everything, get rid of extra cups and pans and whatnot. but we still have a sushi night to do. we have sushi ingredients so they have to be used. right? but other than that, we better empty the kitchen little by little...  im so ready to go!!

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