August 29, 2016

all you can eat sushi

we had a sushi evening with friends, very nice. meetings friends is really one the most valuable things around - i mean besides a possible partner what else gives content to life? yes, the internet, but lets not go there. people are different of course so for some movies or books or solitude will do, but i enjoy spending time with fellow humans (or bunnies) especially. im so glad i have met so many interesting and nice people.
and speaking of nice people. now that me and my closest friends here are slowly all going our separate way, we started doing skype meetings, over a glass of wine (or chosen drink). just like old times! :)

in some instances im pretty old fashioned. instead of logging on google chrome to save my trailer tabs and sync them to my next computer, i am just closing them and noting down the films i think i should watch later. maybe its time for those tabs to go? not so much for firefox, which i still use as my main browser. definitely syncing FF! ive been carrying around my bookmarks since like 2000 also... 

today is our lunaversary. i think last month and the one previous we were occupied with other things or doctor was working, so we did not celebrate appropriately. so we actually marked this sunday in the calendar in order to have dinner outside. but i ended making salmon pasta instead, cos we had leftover salmon from yesterday, oh well. i guess its the thought that counts.

from the house party last week.

its great having doctor home nowadays - he makes the best breakfast sandwiches!

need to try finish the tea's before leaving...
 view from by the 'tea trolley' this i will miss - having life outside the window!
 i just picked this up from my handbag. and threw away. not like im going to be needing it like...ever again? lol. ill buy a new sun screen when we go on holiday someday... 

i bought the ring on the left - istanbul is too easy for these sort of impulse purches, cheap and accessible. the pearl ring i made myself.

we are going to have way too much paper to carry with us...   from tax records to medical records to whatever... a lot of stuff we will probably never need but "just in case", nice to have kind of. but paper is heavy...besides taking space. i dont understand how some people move with just a plain suitcase.

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