August 29, 2016

packing, selling, working

i paid our first rent in London (for September). thats a milestone? i feel a bit excited, although it was money lost...  £800 is 935 euros approx. more than we pay for our current flat, which is 120 sqm, in the center of the asian side of the city. oh well. in life you make choices and so forth. we will come back if we feel like thats better...

there are studies or articles now that suggest permanent female contraception should be removing fallopian tubes, not just closing r cutting them. considering ectopic pregnancies still happen after tubal ligation and surgically the risks are similar, maybe it makes sense! i guess later i will be one of the 'old style' ladies, who just got her tubes cut and burned...
link 1: ncbi 
link 2: medscape

this month has been busy work wise, although i didnt even notice, im so focused on the move, work just happens on the side. but when i look at the hours ive logged, im surprised. and now that im "off" taxes in finland (supposed to pay them in the country of residency, turkey), im getting it tax free, too... crazy. im very committed to start paying taxes in the UK though, i just have to be there in order to get the national insurance number and get that stuff going. on the positive side, most of my work is actually exciting and finding and solving some bugs really

i want to see the documentary about Anthony Weiner. imdb says it should be pretty good and i also have that feeling.

yesterday i had afternoon coffee with Ulas & DW, a great couple living not so far from us. they might also leave in a year or 2... i will miss them even if we didnt meet that often. Ulas has become a yoga teacher and i think he could do well in the big cities of the world :) tonight i met with a syrian friend who is weighing her options to go abroad. but also thinking of visiting her parents in Syria, they live in a peaceful city where life is apparently 2normal2 except for electricity cuts.

today i gave my finnish bank my new address and asked them to send me some mail so i would have it on paper. this part is extremely important when trying to acquire a british bank account, i hear - evidence of address. so i have started to gather the evidence - i want a bank account.


Kristine said...

Hey Jen, don't know if you remember me, I'm the girl who showed you around London years ago and got you mini candles as a pressie.

Anyway, I happened upon your blog after life got in the way and I hadn't been following your adventures for a while. I am happy for you and that you're moving to London. I just wanted to reach out to say should you need any help, I'm happy to point you in the right direction, I made the move 12 years ago and had to go through all the motions, from getting my first job, to changing careers, moving within the city, to buying a house and everything in between. Where I work, we have QA vacancies, so maybe I can help you get the ball rolling there too

If you want to reach out, you can find me on twitter @Kristine_Tech (or if you think this is creepy, I totally get it too, because internet).

The only thing I wish I had when I made the move here was to have someone who can tell me which mistakes to avoid. So if you think that's helpful, I'm happy to assist where I can :)

All the best with your move,

jenni said...

Kristine thanks for the comment. your Twitter account doesn allow me to msg you cos you are not following me :/