August 31, 2016

celebrating specialist bf

Married At First Sight AU season 3 is starting - woohoo! one of my favorite shows by far. although in the OZ version they dont really get (legally) married, due to the law.

And Nick Viall is gonna be the next Bachelor, lol wtf, but somehow i had a weird feeling, he has been so smooth lately, talking to the media, being really nice about the show and network and yadi yadi... that guy has turned around his image 180.

Telegraph on Instagram changing, or being, photography
Medium: i got scammed by a Silicon Valley startup

The Greasy Strangler seems slightly odd....but at the same time im kind of interested. i should watch it.

i watched Never Let Me Go yesterday for our 'movie club' with Arttu. it was through provoking and even more so after we talked about it, i tend to see only superficial things but Arttu pointed me to some analogies.

oh lord this article...  im not a developer, but WTF Medium: Responsive Web Considered Harmful

For once, i DON'T agree with The Guardian's view on Erdogan and his special kind of democracy.

and it other news... doctor passed his final specialist exam today, which officially concludes his 4.5 yr studies in emergency medicine. im really proud of him :)  admittedly it was abit hard especially in the beginning, due to the crazy hours, but im glad he pulled through. and after the exam he rushed to fill the forms in order to resign. cos we need that processed like asap...    cant wait to go out in the evening and celebrate over a dinner!

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